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My 2 Rupee's

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  • My 2 Rupee's

    Firstly I would like to thank you guys the opportunity to actually give you our feedback. I like playing a zerk, they are fun, can tank a bit and boy do I love hitting mobs in the face with my axes. I am not a skill spammer but I do happen to use a few and I'll give you my feedback on the ones that I do.

    Active Skills

    Hysteria : Does what it says, but I would like the effect to last a bit longer say 30-60 secs, just makes life that bit easier when you have to run to another mob.
    Mental Concentration : We can get 100% crit without this, so it's a useless skill, maybe make it into a crit pow buff?
    Spiracle of Vitality : Would like to see it increase vit as a % and to last longer seeing that all the buffs are going to be getting a duration overhaul.
    Log Split : Also would like to see this as a % Pdef decrease as the -300ish we have now doesn't really make that much of a difference.
    Barbarian Rage : Would like the is be the same as Assassins Impact (lvl8 give 75% chance and the same duration)
    Essence of Thunder : Would like the duration to increase as it would be nice to have all the buffs have the same duration
    Essence of Fire : Would like this as a % Patk added to either Patk or to damage
    Essence of Invulnerabiilty : Gala broke this when pw gear came out, lots of people have invested in this gear now (I'm going to get flamed for this) leave it like it is.
    Behmoth Force : This is bugged; belt, dt buff, helmets dont increase the level and once again I believe this should be a % and shouldn't share the same CD as Vit
    Steel Presence : Nice toggle, Vit % and HP % should be much higher imo as Zerk's suffer HP wise (Seeing temp and slayer can get waaaaay in excess of zerk)

    Passive Skills

    Berserker Rage : Useless really, should be reworked into something that gives more hp or something like the slayers phase blades
    Blind Fury : Reduces cd on Hysteria? .. It's a toggle!
    Wheel of Destiny : Crit is hard capped at 100%, the %'s in this should be reworked higher
    Essence of Gaia : Increases Crit % when skill is used, can get 100% crit already, needs to be reworked into something a bit more useful (atk spd/hp my choices)
    Fighters Combat Skill : I hope this gets reworked similar to Assassins Weapon Mastery
    2H Axe Training/Dual Axe Training : I hope this also gets reworked similar to Dual Blade Expert
    Unity of Exhaustive Defence : works as says but would like to see the duration increased to the same level as the slayers adrenaline and evasion
    Final Defence : I think I have only ever had this proc once on me, something stupid like down to under 10% health, well by then I dont need 33% reduction to damage I needed it when I had more hp! I think this should work even when you have full hp and the duration should be longer as well, once again to the same level as the slayers adrenaline and evasion


    I love playing my zerk but I will be honest in that without popping a lot of Cash Shop items and getting just the right buffs I don't hit 959 (I use 2 axes) very easily I have had to sacrifice my Vit stones in my gear for Agi so I can occasionaly hit 959+ I would like to see balanced gameplay come back to Rappelz, if one class gets boosts to attack speed to they can easily hit a certain attack speed plateau the other classes should get the same rework. I like to see that the slayer is getting such an awesome make over, I just hope that the other classes get the same consideration.

    Hope all this helps.
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    il faut améliorer la classe de berserker... Soit lui dfonner un nouveau point de maitre , soit lui donner un sort qui provoque plus de dégats ... Je propose également de lui donner un pouvoir spécifique ( la main de Midas) car l'équipement est trop cher.... Je joue depuis le début avec le gladiateur puis le berserker mais maintenant cette classe est désavantagée par rapport aux autres. Il est urgent de faire des améliorations ...
    Kikouyou , berserker ( France).