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Dual Axes is a whole new world

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  • Dual Axes is a whole new world

    Well hello, I do want to start a new thread because I don´t want to start an argument with 2h Axes Berserkers depending on AtkSpd.

    I am going to organize this into three points; General discussion, Self Buffs and Attack Skills.

    As a general view Berserkers are as good as any other class on melee, only difference that makes us mainly DDs and not tanks is the lack of strong AOEs and not being good Aggro holders. One important point is also realted to the high consumption of Mana of most of the skills we use and, as a difference with all the other races warriors, the relatively low HP.
    If we may have an increase of HP and MP, related maybe to new job level system,. that will be awesome.

    Self Buffs and Toggles

    Armor of Defense/Steel Presence. Cant see a reason why this skill cannot be improved in both aspects with skill cards level, only MP Consumption doesnt seems enough.
    Gaian Strenght. I´m going to pass on this one because some improvements(at least I hope that´s what they are) has been made already.Same goes to Provocation which, as far as I can see, doesnt make much of a difference in game.
    Hysteria: I don´t use it because of my TP build, As I had to choose among having Blow of Gaia/Earth Shatter or Hysteria I took the first. I don´t understand why this choice has to be made, I understand most 2h Axes don´t have that situation but as a dual axes attacker first row has many important skill attacks for me. Hysteria could be among the non TP depending skills and not as it is now, unless Developers don´t want people really take the dual weapon choice or open the possibility for an 8th TP!
    Spiracles depending; Sp. Charge/Sp. of Vitality: It´s fine as it is. Spiracle Rush: I don´t use it because of my TP build, would be great but is not my priority because of Fatal Charge and level of Spiracle Charge.Essence of Thunder: It´s good as it is. Essence of Fire: Could be improved in damage added and level. Behemot Force: Could be improved in level and not share CD with Sp of Vitality. Energy Charge: Could be improved in Mana recover which always run low. Barbarian Rage: It´s fine as it is.Mental Concentration: I´m always at 100% Critical Rate so I don´t see the point for this skill that is useful only in low level toons.

    Attack Skills.

    Here´s where the Title of this thread makes sense. As Berserker has no strong AOEs I have to use a combination of skills that completes a high damage.The only skills that act as an AOE are, and tha´s my attack sequence, Earth Shatter followed by Zephyr Strike, Whirlwind Assault, Wave Cut, Th, Wind Cut and Earth Shaker. That will take about a third of my MP and could be ended with Energy Bomb (if not preceded) if the Boss is still kicking and fighting which normally happens, but if I´m attacking a group of mobs combinations of those are repeated and eventually St.Serial Cut, Wind Cut, Spinning Blow and (not too often used) Blasting Rock Cut and Log Split

    Of the first goup of 5 Attacks the first two are good but only affect a few enemies and the last three have high MP consumption, long CDs and reduced numbers of mobs you can attack. If you can improve a little amount of mobs, reduce CD and MP consumption those are the kind of AOEs we can rely on.

    Energy Bomb and Spiracle Cannon are very good ranged attacks, hopefully you can reduce CDs on both that will be very useful for new Dungeons and Island of the Gods ventures.

    As you can deduct from this thread I am only talking about PVE, not PVP. That´s a different world and strategy for Berserker to be discussed in another time and space.

    Thank you very much for this oportunity to share our views and hope we can get some improvements and balance for our class/job.