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Berserkers Need Love Too!

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  • Berserkers Need Love Too!

    Awesome, a whole section of the forums where I get to complain about stuff! I'm moving in asap, and I might bring Mochatroid with me!

    So, here is.... Berserker with stats and stuff:

    Lots of consumables and stuff popped, she does good damage! But relies ENTIRELY upon attack speed.

    Berserkers have.... Virtually zero AoE potential. None, nothing, nada. Pretty much....

    So, here's my opinion on the skills, what could do with changing and... What else needs changing. I like skill spamming personally, I like having the option to use skills or not, but currently Berserker's best damage comes from basic attacks.

    Mental Concentration: Completely and utterly useless, it's possible to get 100% crit rate unbuffed now, so what purpose does it serve?

    Spinning Blow: Completely useless, the animation is far too long and the damage is too low. Even at 502 attack speed basic attacks out damage it.

    Log Split: I like Log Split, but the CD is too long to be useable on every mob, and the pdef reduction is too weak level 35 is -315 pdef which is nothing anymore. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Storming Serial Cut: I like the stun on this since it's 5 seconds! However the damage is low and since it requires dual axes, I don't use it. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Blasting Rock Cut: Again a nice stun, low damage it has a long animation unless you manage to cancel it, and the CD is quite long. Also since it's a single target attack its usefulness is limited. Skill Card -MP +stun duration.

    Spiracle Cannon: I like this skill, but I deal more damage with basics than this skill in the time it takes to use it. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Wind Cut: Weak single target attack with a long CD and fixed DoT of a MASSIVE 181 damage every 3 seconds. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Wave Cut: Finally!!! A useful attack! Good damage, reasonable CD of around 15 seconds. The only issue I have with it is the AoE range, sometimes, somehow when using a 2h axe the attack will manage to "miss" everything. I don't mean all 4 hits register as misses, the attack simply goes off and does nothing. The easiest way to replicate this is on big bosses like the revived bosses, where you need to stand in the middle of the boss's target circle to be able to hit them. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Shuddering Flame: On a single target this does reasonable damage, Although each hit is a little over half the damage of each Wave Cut hit, it's still not bad. However, with more targets it becomes weaker and weaker. On top of that, the 2 min CD is awful. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Energy Charge: Aside from the base HP/MP recovery being small, I feel that this skill works fine. 14% HP/MP recovery every 50 seconds or so. Although the skill card gives very little benefit to it. Skill card +60 HP and 6MP per level.

    Barbarian Rage: This is the biggest source of damage for Berserker! It's a sustainable buff that gives a % of double attacks. Level 16+6 gives I think 97% chance and lasts 15 mins.

    Essence of Thunder: Permanent buff that gives basic attacks a chance to inflict a -30% attack and movespeed debuff on your target. Works fine.

    Essence of Fire: Completely and utterly useless. 5 min buff with 10 min CD. Adds 272 damage to your basic attacks. Personally, I would like it if it was given a similar treatment to Enchant Weapon: Fire, making it either a toggle, or at least a sustainable buff that adds a % of your patk either as additional damage (xxxx+toggle damage) or increases your attack by an additional % of your patk (xxxxx = combined damage of patk+patk bonus). Skill card -CD +Duration.

    Spiracle of Vitality: Does what it says on the tin! However, I two things about it irritate me, one, it shares CD with Behemoth Force, and two.... I really wish Berserkers had more HP, their HP compared to Templars and.... Especially Slayers is absolutely pitiful. I'm all vit/crit, have full buffs pretty much all consumables and have... 104k HP. I could get more with Anessa, but even without it. 104k HP on a tank class is pathetic. Skill Card +Duration +Vit

    Thunderbolt Wind Cut: Reasonable damage, CD isn't terrible, has a fast animation, reasonable range for a Berserker AoE,the DoT is even based on patk! The down side? It's a dual axe skill.... Skill Card -MP +patk (fixed at 70 per level....)

    Hellfire Flame: Weak 2h axe AoE with 2min CD. Not worth using... Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Whirlwind Assault: Before MC this was a fantastic skill!! Just with a terrible CD. Now it's just..... Eh. Decent strength AoE, but gets weaker with more targets, fixed at 3 hits. 4m range, 360 degrees. 3min cd, dual axes only! Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Earth Shaker: Aside from the relatively long CD this is one of the few skills which are useful. Good damage, 4m range, level 24 is 4.4 sec stun and 42 sec CD. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Energy Bomb: This skill used to be one of the strongest in the game, and loathed in PvP, now... It's ok PvP but less useful PvE. High damage, very quick. But CD is quite long. It's a real stand out skill, but it doesn't have much competition. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Essence of Invulnerability: Is completely and utterly broken, and will remain so for as long as it is a permanent buff, unless the effect is changed. Personally, I could live with losing taking no damage for a period of time, I would like.... MORE HP!!! Turn it in to a toggle, or something that gives more HP and/or reduces damage taken? That would be wonderful, and would remain true to the spirit of the skill. Skill Card +Duration.

    Steel Presence: +50% Threat, +15% Vit, +15%HP. It's a useful skill, however compared to other classes it doesn't do much to close the HP gap, so despite Berserkers being a tank class they still lack HP compared to say... A Deadeye, who is an agile hunter who relies on evasion to evade attacks rather than HP to be able to absorb them. Skill Card -MP used to cast.

    Provocation: +10% threat from basic attacks per level. It does what it says, but it's not exactly exciting.

    Earth Shatter: Spamable AoE! Reasonable damage! -50% move speed debuff! 3 target limit.... Although with more targets it does less damage, it is a strong skill, it even has a 4m range, which is a lot for a Berserker! However, the target limit is what really kills it. For tanks to be able to compete in an AoE based game, ideally they could do with some AoEs to be able to grab aggro from mobs. Unfortunately, in Rappelz the AoE Gods abandoned the warriors. Before switching to an attack speed build, this was one of my top two skills. Skill Card -MP +patk.

    Zephyr Strike: At one point this skill did less damage than Smite. They fixed that though. Although the damage from it still isn't great and the range is absolutely horrific, it has some major positives. It does the same amount of damage regardless of targets! Ok, it's only 600k or so per use, but when Rota was new I would solo by pulling the whole room and kill mainly by using this skill. It has a DoT based on Patk! I can't remember the exact numbers, but it's a % of your patk per stack, stacks 3 times and ticks every 2 seconds. At MC it has a base CD of 4 seconds, which isn't too terrible. But the 2m range is. Skill Card -MP +patk +Debuff duration.

    Berserker Rage: Has a chance to reduce Barbarian Rage and Essence of Thunder by 3 seconds with each basic attack. Ok, so... Barbarian Rage can be made permanent with a +1 card, Essence of Thunder is permanent as it is, so, is there really any need to reduce the CDs of these skills?

    Hysteria: Toggle which increases your attack speed by 60. It does what it is intended and it makes hitting 959 possible. It's just not very exciting.

    Fatal Charge: Basic attacks have a 5% chance of generating Spiracles. So basically you don't run out of Spiracles, and only need to use Spiracle Charge if they bug. By bugging a I mean, there appears to be a limit on the number of Spiracles the game can display, if you have more than this, then the additional spiracles become "invisible" they're there, you know they're there, you just can't use them, unless you charge more and make them visible. Despite using a single charge, you'll be at the maximum again!

    Spiracle Rush: Recovers a large amount of HP and MP instantly with a 45 second CD. Very useful! I do miss it at times, but it's not a vital skill.

    Behemoth Force: Increases Strength, is unaffected by Bear belts, helmets and DT buffs. Level 10+5 increases Strength by 90 which.... Is not a lot. Skill Card +Duration, + Strength.

    I like the Berserker, I enjoy playing her, however she is lacking in some ways. For example, HP.... I REALLY wish they had more HP, and of course AoEs!! Rappelz has become an AoE based game, however half of the classes have great AoE abilities, the other half have virtually none. Typically, the tanking classes fall in to the latter group, as such they become somewhat irrelevant.

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    I was tanking for the first time in AOE on my beserker, and I did rather well. However I kept wishing that the AoE was larger, and Blow of Gaia could hit more targets. I can agree with what you say though.
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      They do not need buffs at all. They literally can be immortal and can get 959 attack speed. No adjustments necessary.


      • Noire
        Noire commented
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        The fact that they can "be immortal" unless they get hit by those nasty magic attacks of course. Is in itself an issue of balance. Hitting 959 attack speed is not a solution for everything, and there are numerous skills which simply aren't worth using. As such, there is a need to address this and discuss how those skills could be made relevant to the game as it has become.

        Of course, if you simply wish to say that everything is fine as it is and nothing needs to change, surely there's no need for Mres belt pets, I mean, what use would they be right? That stat was left out for a reason so it must be pretty useless and that's how it should be, right?

      • Whirlwind
        Whirlwind commented
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        Sure, there are those nasty magic attacks. However, that is nothing 959 attack speed plateau and hector p.atk card cannot take care off, which in itself gets even easier next epic with 8 slot belts. Berserker can have 959 attack speed plateau, mephisto card and hector p.atk, so pretty much the heals without having to sacrifice the crit power anymore. Berserker is immortal versus p.atks by virtue of essence of invulnerability and hector card takes care of the m.atk (there were enough videos about berserkers soloing island bosses, even Julius, without heal pets and just with hector card). Go get your aoe damage, but then in my opinion the permanent essence of invulnerability has to go.
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      • Noire
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        I want permanent Essence of Invulnerability to go, for one simple reason. It is completely and utterly broken.

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      Oh, it seems I forgot to mention another skill because it genuinely... Does nothing.

      Final Defense: "You have a chance when struck at low health to apply the effect of -33% damage for 10 seconds" However as someone pointed out a long time ago. This skill never activates.


      Shield Barrier: "With a 20% chance on yourself for 10 seconds the Shield Barrier effect is applied +7% pdef. Stacks 5 times." While this skill is useful, the fact it only lasts 10 seconds does mean that quite often it is not sustainable. I noticed that Slayers have similar procs to this, and they're skills got quite a lengthy duration boost!


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        So i heard Zerker. i came running ahahaha... let's see lemme read these forum posts quick......okay so first of all my issue with Zerker is its ernormous MP usage on its skills with no actual viable utility to gain back any MP (i laugh at whoever said use spiriacle rush. not gonna waste my spiracles on that rubbish hahaha. burn that skill) ... like in the case of merc, etc etc. even using only x2 skills. WaveCut and Energy Bomb i can hit 0 on my MP pretty quickly.

        Also while this may be a tiny issue: provocation doesnt = a % of Aggro per basic attack. or it doesnt work as intend, which may lead to a supposed Tank class to easily lose aggro during parties lol.

        Concerning Skills:
        1. Obviously WaveCut Range(?) needs to be switched to an Actually Aoe cause like previously mentioned it can completely ignore all mobs when used.

        2. Log Split i dont really care about it much but comeon -pdef is a thing of the pass. make it -%pdef. ;]!

        3. Zypher Strike I is an awsome skill Aoe wise. but should atleast be made 0Sec. or given a dmg boost. to either the initial dmg or the dot dmg. as it is absolutely wasted atm. (wts +8 Zypher strike )

        4. Spinning Blow. UP ITS DMG! and lower its CD plox? atleast? please? for me?

        5. Various other so called Aoe/ skills that apparently have no meaning too this class should be looked at. its okay earth shaker i wasn't talking about you. Having to double build also seems prettty inconvient? dual axes and 2h axe? but thats fine.

        6. Energy Bomb? sure u can lower its CD. ! and While you at it. figure out if what the heck is going on with spiracles? cause its a mess ryt? ryt? i can increase spiracle mastery with PW ryt? theorectically but it doesnt increase the amount of spiracles i have or have an affect on the various skills that have it [e.g: if i max out my spiracles with x3 Spiracles mastery PW gears and use that spiracle healing skill it would give the same amount of heal back as if i didnt have those PW's on. so thats saying there was no actually increase] and Behemot Force lololol fix this. not affected by helm PW or DT. lolololol

        7. In accordance to what I believe, Berserker Rage is abosultely completely useless lol. You'd be better off changing this to a passive that can benefit Zerker like ???? gives ????% to ???? etc. MAke me Big and strong Devas mwuahahah!

        So inconclusion, fix my WaveCut and im good to go ! Its HP as i dont know what Noire is talking about is fine in my opinion, if i dont die how can i feel alive? slayer with its 2mil HP i cant be arsed to want to compare with this lelel. Also I'm full crit/agi. and i can easilily hit 104khp. i dont know what drugs your zerker is on, learn to build? lel. upping Mress doesn't save you from magic attacks. and is it even possible to get the passive for Earth Shatterer on PW? 130bil in and not a single one . Short temper? Idk. Zerker in my opinion lacks aggro/ espicial aoe aggro. and if your aiming for teamplay. giving it higher aggro generation would be effective even if you keep its actually dmg output on the lower spectrum. lolololol...

        So yeah? Take it my suggestions. take it. take it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!
        And Thank you,
        PS: [Mod]Eva for Mod of the year!


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          I only have a few changes to mention.

          Berserker Rage TP Passive: As mentioned before Barb Rage is perma with a +1 card and Essence of Thunder is perma without any card. Seeing as how Mercs, Beast Masters and now Slayers get a passive to increase Crit Pow, I think that would be a helpful substitute, unless someone else has a better idea for this skill's replacement.

          Steel Presence/Armour of Defense TP Toggle: The added Threat on this skill is helpful, but could be higher or provocation's threat increase could be made higher as it's difficult to keep aggro off other classes, like Merc. The HP/Vit gained is also nice but is a lot lower than Merc's Invig, I understand that it is because it is all based on HP, but it need not be, Berserker gets enough HP as it stands, I would prefer if the Vit is changed to some offensive stat like Str or even straight P.Atk. So it would be a toggle for Max HP and P.Atk/Str. Along with these changes (Or similar ones, I have an open mind) the skill card only decreased MP consumption, which is good because Berserkers have low MP as mentioned in the thread, but the MP used by the toggle isn't high, and I'm sure most players would agree that the card should also increase the effect of the toggle, much like Merc's Invig.

          Log Split: This was mentioned earlier in the thread so I will be brief, and I'd like it to be changed to - P.Def %, like the change to Corr's Weakness Skin and Mind Crisis. It does not have to be as high as those changes because Corr is a debuffing class, but the 300 or so P.Def is hardly helpful.

          Essence of Fire: This was also mentioned earlier, and is simple. It should be higher, as of right now, I don't even use this self-buff on my Berserker.

          Behemoth Force: Again, was mentioned earlier, and is also simple. The levels should go up with DT Buff, Helms and Belts. Maybe a separate cooldown from Spiracle of Vitality, but that doesn't bother me so much, it just takes a little bit of timing to get it right.

          Blasting Rock Cut: The animation for this skill is far too long.

          Essence of Invulnerability: There is a lot of tension with this skill, some people want it to be changed, some want it to have a higher cooldown. I think that this skill is what made the Berserker a proper viable class compared to Mercs, VMs, Magus. Berserker doesn't deal as much damage as a similarly geared Merc, Magus or VM (What even does to this class?) and therefore the invulnerability (To only physical damage) is a good trade off for that lower damage.

          General: There are some aoes for Berserker, but they are not really that strong, have quite long animations as well as long CDs.


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            Blow of Gaia/Earth Shatter: Fix the skill description. It has said 2 handed armor skill for long enough right? I think this needs to hit more targets and increase the range to 4m, also finding a small problem with it, See wave cut.

            Wave Cut: The AoE of this skill is horrendous to the point that it feels broken. While I've been soloing in RotA, what I've had to do was run in circles until they are all bunched up nice and tight and then hit them with Earth Shaker so they don't move, and then hit them with wave cut. if I don't do this, then I am lucky to even hit 1, maybe two monsters with it. On top of that, some times wave cut doesn't work at all directly after using earth shatter. The skill animations plays, but no damage occurs. I think the damage on it is fine though. Just wish it would hit more.

            Hellfire flame/Shuddering Flame: Less cool down, more damage. Maybe we could make hellfire flame have a DoT effect based on Patk.

            Thunderbolt Windcut: I think it would be cool if this could be used with both 1h and 2h axes.


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              Berserker against anything that is long rage is totaly useless.

              Energy bomb and log split animations are too long.

              Stop taking mp from berserkers... its already hard to keep up with the skill spam withput running out of mp.

              You guys should focus all classes on some stats... for eazple, focus berserker on Strenght? Hp? What?? every class can tank, and DD and solo/duo, thats why there is not many pts on high lvl.

              Give a purpose to every class!!! every class should have a roll on this game, when you achive this on every class this game will be much better.

              Right now every class can tank, have a lot of hp, and have a lot of atk speed... pleaseeee make this game work!!

              Zephyr strike is a great idea, but the dmg still very poor.

              So many useless skills on berserker... too many!! Make skills usefull some how or delete them, people are not using them.

              Spiracle charge take too long... make it faster to load spiracles.

              Make barbarian rage or behemoth force a toggle, this will help a lot.

              Final defense doesnt work, make the passives worth it please!!!

              What if you make armor for each class? and what if only the class that belongs to can pick it up and no one else?


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                Another thing! I REALLY like using Endairon on Berserker, the 45% pignore is wonderful against the more recent content, however unlike Slayers, Berserker don't have any pignore passive, and unlike Templars, they do not have a toggle which gives them some pignore. Yet, that 45% pignore from Endairon gives a considerable increase to their damage. Only needing a single belt for every class again will be nice, but Endairon will be sorely missed by some classes, and they may even feel that Endairon still provides a better bonus than the +1 all skills and 175 set bonuses combined!

                I saw Final Defense activate! So, it works now it seems, but.... Far too late to be useful.

                Also, I don't think I ever mentioned, but although Zephyr Strike is useful, it's also a VERY slow skill to use.
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