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  • Beast Master Ultimate balance

    I'm a B.M since long time ago, I've never changed my class before.
    I play In the Arabic version and my gears are fully enhanced and so my pets.
    First of all I would like to thank you so much for the last adjustments on B.M.
    Although Beast Master was able to get little stronger after the adjustments on Epic 9.5 , it still a third rate class when compared to slayers, Void mages, …. etc.

    As an Expert B.M player and to get this class back to life, I’m giving some suggestions not only on the Beast Master but on the Evoker as well.
    • First (The Evoker):
    1. Fighter's Combat Skill: Needs more P.attack and attack speed with every level.
    2. Soothe Creature: This needs to be a creature buff that recover some HP % with every critical hit.
    3. Harmony of Life: It would be useful if it’s adding some move speed and also the Skill card is useless, it should add some stats % (Strength, intelligence,….etc.) with every card enhancement level and cool down need to be decreased as well.
    4. Creature Purification: Needs to be applied to both creatures at the same time when activated, and it needs more success rate (It has to remove: fear, poison, burnings, seals…etc) .
    5. Dual Axe Training: Using two axes with Harmony of Life or Soul Harmony causes the two hands P.Attak to be added together which is nice, but The Evoker loses the chance of getting an extra hit so this need to be fixed.
    6. Dual Summoning Control: The period of the buff need to be extended.
    7. Chainsickle Wind: Needs More Damage output and more move, attack speed decrease.
    8. Log Split: Needs More Damage output and more P.Defence decrease.
    9. Blasting Rock Cut: Needs More Damage output.
    10. Threat of the Wild & Threat of Spirit: More useful if they were an AOE skills.
    11. Scorching Flame: Defiantly Needs More Debuff Damage output.
    12. Anger of the Wild & Paragon of Anger: need to be toggle buffs or creature buffs that last longer, 40 min for example. Stats boosts can be decreased if it’s too high.
    13. Anger of Spirit: (This one doesn’t work at all on Epic 9.5) this one can be changed into toggle buff with an AOE similar to the soldier skill ‘’Holy Aura’’.
    14. Wave Cut: Needs More Damage output and AOE needs to be 360° .
    15. Seal of Gaia: This Skill is useless therefor it can be changed into a creature buff that has the chance of sealing for 0.5 seconds with every hit by the creature.
    16. Beast Disguise: This skill should increase the current move speed instead of giving fixed one.
    17. Beast Shockwave: stunning success rate should be increased.
    • Second (Beast Master):
    1. Soul Harmony: It would be useful if it’s adding some move speed also Cool down need to be decreased.
    2. Frightful Howl: This one should be an AOE and apply to Mecca or Humanoid enemies.
    3. Feral Regeneration: HP regain is useless, this one should increase players HP.
    4. Rend And Tear: - 7% P.Def is very low for a master class it should be increased.
    5. Savage Frenzy: The Self Buff should last for 10 min, also it would be nice if it’s applied the B.M creatures as well. The -70% Movie speed Debuff should be changed to something more useful like -35% P.Def or -35% attack speed.
    6. Overrun: Most of Beast masters on epic 9.5 tend to use two creatures with unities that increase attack speed to break the plateaus which isn’t right. The attack speed gained from overrun need to be increased.
    7. Sanguine Bond & Domestication & Spirit Link : Such great Passives, but they add 2% stats per level only which need to be increased.
    8. Gaian Resilience: resistance % to Sleep, Petrify and Fear should be increased.
    General Pet Improvements:
    • Pets damage is still low and need to be increased.
    • Some Pets skills cool downs need to be decreased.
    • Pets attack speed need to be increased.
    Final Suggestion:
    We would love to see Transmogrifying Charm for Pets as well, so we can see the old pets again.

    Thank you,