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  • A little more BM work

    First off I 'd like to say that the recent changes made were definately a step in the right direction. I love the changes in unitys. I wish I would of kept all my other unity +5 cards.
    Soul Harmony replaces Beast Disguise and Harmony of Life, so I'm good with that. Not sure why people don't understand that. I like the fix with Summon Mastery, I was getting tired of it timing out as I logged back in.

    OK, on with the needed changes.

    Wave Cut still needs to be a full 360 degree AOE in my opinion.. This skill is still highly used by lower level BM's before the are able to get higher attack speeds. Unfortunately, the mobs tend to shift so often that it's tough to hit your intended targets with much consistency. Also, it would be nice to be able to unlock this skill on PW gear.

    Soothe Creature is still quite laughable. I don't even have it on my skill bar.

    Field of Clovers added cp is nice, but unless pets are seriously boosted, most people still just use the pet for it's unity or other buffs it gives, not it's combat power.

    Howl at the Moon has become a bit obsolete as getting 100% crit rate is pretty easy without it and it's other benefits are very small. Would it be possible to crit power to it, kinda like what you did with Field of Clovers?

    Bloody Aftermath/Savage Frenzy. Having 959+ attack speed makes the BA stacks quite easy, but having to constantly be hitting the SF button seems kinda dumb. I'm not sure what the right fix for this is. Maybe the option to having SF toggled so it hits and renews the move speed debuff as it renews.

    A couple other things.
    I would like to see the ability to evolve creatures while in the field added to all pet classes skillset. I think a "Breeder summon scroll" was suggested in another thread. I would rather see it as a pet class skill.

    Also, I would like to make full use of all 4 unities provided by having 2 pets.

    Also, I would like there to be some way of specifying which of my 2 pets are attacking. If I have a healer out, which are normally ranged, they usually hit the next target first and I'm running around trying to catch the mob. The ability to turn off/on it's attack would be very cool.

    Also, I would like to be able to briefly summon a third pet to make use of the Death Tyrant buff. I've had to spend TPs and job points to have the ability to summon a second pet permanently, why do I lose the ability that non-pet classes have to use a DT buff?

    Lastly, I'm a greedy, underpowered Bm, I want more everything!

    Very lastly, I normally play a 175+ BM with moderately good gear. +23 axes, +22 armor, +21 bear belt, +24 helmet. Gear is all overrun. Main pets are s3 crusty melee and s4 bone dragon healer. Pet gear is all +21 good, but not perfect stuff. I can solo DD S1 and S2, but S3 takes so long it really isn't worth it. Everything else in the game is doable other than some of the Island bosses. The only revived boss that is a challenge is really only Lunacy because of his constant nightmares. I recently changed my skills from 3-1-3 to 3-3-1 which means I went from a howler to the Savage Frenzy tree. I get slightly more damage out of it, but it's more work hitting the SF constantly. I use the CS shop some, but not a lot. Mainly I use it for HV passes and some things that are expensive are harder to find in game. Anything that I can easily farm to profit from is easily farmed by many other classes so it isn't worth much.
    I also recently made a new BM on another server so I could see how hard it was to start off with no gear or buffers. I will say it was much easier than the first time I leveled a BM, but some of that is the knowledge of having known what I need to do to get where I want to go. I was very broke for a while. I didn't even have money to use the teleporters. I eventually broke down and sold some GP I had in my item box.

    The reason I tell you all this is to show that I am, at best, an average BM. I see some other BMs saying everything is great now, but they are 190+ with +25 gear and S5 pets with +25 gear or something near that. I am thankful for the time and effort already put toward this class and look forward to even more improvements.

    Thank you

    P.S. This is not my BM account, for some reason I can't post with that.