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Beast Masters need love too! <3

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  • Beast Masters need love too! <3

    I like the Beast Master, they were the pet class which rather than relying on their pets, or supporting their pets, could fight along with their pets the most effectively! But things change, times change, and some classes got left behind.....

    To be honest though, I think the greatest buff all the pet classes could receive would be to improve pets, to.... How could I put this? MAKE PETS GREAT AGAIN!

    However, I can offer my opinions on Beast Master skills while we are here....

    Soul Harmony: Makes you HUGE, ENORMOUS, MASSSIVE!!! It also boosts you HP by quite a bit and gives you more Strength and Intelligence. HP good, Strength, ok. Intelligence? BM's are and always have been the dumbest pet class. They don't use intelligence, because they have 2 magic based skills, and gain little benefit from magic pets. Soul Harmony is not a terrible skill, it's not broken, it works quite well. But it has room for improvement too.

    Wave Cut: Here we are! The BM's ONLY real attack skill! Good damage, not terrible CD. But the fact it has a cone shaped AoE makes it difficult to handle, and as I said in the Berserker topic, sometimes it just misses....

    Frightful Howl: Inflicts Fear on the target. Crowd Control is a lost art, the game has become so AoE based that it simply isn't used except for in PvP. As such, skills such as this are completely, utterly and totally. Pointless.

    Aspect of the Beast: The player takes 30% less damage from beasts. This is ok, along with Soul Harmony a BM has the potential to tank. However in a party that's not going to happen, because they are melee with virtually no AoE, and about as many skills to use.

    Feral Regeneration: Increases HP Regen by 500% when using Harmony or Beast Disguise. HP Regen is an utterly useless stat. This makes it do something, however that doesn't help the fact that HP Regen is an utterly useless stat. BMs however can get quite a bit of HP, they even have potential to tank, healing a lot of HP can take a while, however a passive that increases the HP gained from healing? That would be useful on something that has a lot of HP.

    Rend and Tear: Chance to reduce the pdef of the target by 540..... Ok, it reduced the pdef of a single target by an itty bitty amount. I like percentages.

    Savage Frenzy and Bloody Aftermath: The order of the names here bother me, the TP skill is Bloody Aftermath, but you have to activate it before the Savage Frenzy? The effects on the other hand are great! Although you NEED the TP skill to make the other useful. Chance upon attacking to cast a 10s selfbuff; +200 P.Atk, +1% Crit%, +3 Crit Power (stackable for 5 times) and 30s Self Buff: +2000 P.Atk, +10 Crit%, +30 Crit. Power, Debuff to target (-70% Move Speed). The movespeed debuff appears to be macc based however so sometimes it will fail and you get nothing. The buff is possible to make permanent which is nice since you gain 3,000 patk, and 45 Crit power. I still like percentages though..... Also, since it has a cast time, if you can it and the mob dies before the cast is complete, then you lose the 5 stacks you had.

    Log Split: It's ok, but since BMs have so few skills, it would be nice if they got a bit more use from them. The pdef debuff is pretty insignificant, and with enough attack speed it's simply easier to tab f1.

    Beast Shockwave: Raged attack with a stun and quite a CD. Doesn't have any real usefulness...

    Spinning Blow: Completely useless, the animation is too long and it doesn't do much damage.

    Overrun: +12.5 Attack speed, Cast speed and Move speed per level, which is pretty useful since BMs rely a lot on attack speed for their damage.

    Howl at the Moon: Luck buff for all targets, to be honest, since characters can get 100% crit rate unbuffed it's not particularly useful for those, yes it apparently boosts drop rate a tiny bit too, but it's not the most useful buff. Also, it still doesn't enable most pets to reach 100% crit rate. Pets REALLY struggle to get high crit rate but it comes to characters so easily.

    Field of Clovers: Increases the luck of pets in the party by 30% But still doesn't enable the majority of them to reach 100% crit rate.

    Domestication: Increases your pets strength and intelligence by 30% of your strength and intelligence. Which, doesn't really do much.

    Sanguine bond: Increases the player's Strength Vitality and Intelligence by 20% of their creature's. Which again, does not do much.

    Spirit Link: Increases the player's matk by a percent of the creature's stats. BMs are after all known for their magical prowess!

    Anger of the Wild and Paragon of Anger: Both of these buffs give a nice spike increase to stats, however it is short lived with relatively long cooldowns. While they are useful, they both appear to be outclassed by Savage Frenzy and Bloody Aftermath.

    Beast Disguise: Makes you look like your pet and fixes your movespeed to a lower value than your current movespeed. Or, did they fix that? Yes it's an amusing skill, but not worth using in the slightest.

    Evoker Skills.

    Unity of......: Increases whichever stat by 40 +2 per card level. 40 more Strength or Vitality does not make much difference, and no one uses the Intelligence or Wisdom toggles. They are, completely and utterly outdated. They could increase Patk, Pdef or the other two by a fixed % and remain true to the skills. However, as they are, they're more of a novelty than anything else.

    Chainsickle Wind: Magical attack with attack speed and movespeed debuffs, with a long cooldown. Another novelty.

    Scorching Flame: A weak spell on a BM since they have no magical potential.

    Soothe Creature: Has always been a complete and utter joke, it heals your pet by a fixed amount, I think I do about 350. Which is nothing. The only advantage is you can keep it on permanently unlike HP scrolls which are far more effective.

    Creature Purification: Has a chance to remove debuffs from your pets. A PvP skill at best, and a relic from ancient times.

    Threat of the Wild and Spirit: There simply is no longer and need for these two fear inducing skills unless you're soloing and get really desperate, or bored. I'd probably use them because I was the latter though.

    Anger of Spirit: A fixed dot with a 5 min CD that makes your pet unable to move. I remember using this in Ursa, and I can't say it was even that useful there. BMs REALLY aren't magical so magical skills just seem a complete waste.

    Seal of Gaia: Prevents your target from summoning pets for a few seconds. You can't even use this to annoy people with their Death Tyrants as the CD is 10 mins.

    Harmony of Life: Severely nerfed version of Soul Harmony and generally not worth using. Ever.

    The biggest buff pet classes could receive would be to boost pets. However giving the BM some more combat ability, with more AoE, or something so they don't solely rely on attack speed would be beneficial.

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    I Hope devs will hear you. As BM, I wrote almost the same message on french forum.
    I beg for these modifications since couple of years but no answer.
    So, as always in rappelz, wait and see.....

    PS:I disagree about the skill "Beast Shockwave",. When you are PVP fan, it's the perfect stun because
    it's an instant stun
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    • Noire
      Noire commented
      Editing a comment
      I'm not a PvP person, however I can see how it would be useful in such circumstances.

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    Beastmaster is already a great class and does not need buffs or nerfs. It's that people do not have the $ to afford to build pet classes to their max potential because they have to build up pet gears as well.


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      I totally disagree with what you are saying. I play on french server (as Ragnar BM) and players know how well I usemy BM.
      But do you think, it's normal, for example, to have your main skill bugged since a lot of years??? or not to have this skill on governor
      stuff??? I dont think so, sorry


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        I think it could change the union of intelligence and mentality because for BM there is no use


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          I totally agree with you, ive been playing the evoker, bm ever since 2009 and it's true that the class is good in terms of fighting but it heavily lacks the skills. many skills are useless and other are not effective ... recently this class came to a point where he's not so good in general and only used for buffs which is kinda sad =\ I certainly hope that they will change the unused unities and all the m.atk skills and give him something better


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            Played bm as my main for a long time and ended switching to different classes and this is why: 1 bm is the breeder version of a tank but since it relies on summoner armor its pdef has always been low. 2 No agro skills and really few useful skills its basically wavecut which has a limited aoe. So it is relatively easy to hit 502 atk speed on a bm but 959 takes way more work than even my templar for a toon that has massive hp but no pdef. I think bms need their skills reworked so that there is just more than 1 skill and then more of a boost on pets. Beast disguise is totally a useless skill when you hit mc.


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              I do agree with all of the above. The cool down times do need to be revised just a little and Savage Frenzy is a pain in the butt being a click to use within the short window. I did giggle when I read the first post, I've never really understood the point in the magical buffs given to BM's. ( 175BM)


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                This epic, Beast Masters gain extra levels of creature mastery! Which is nice, however they have a couple of other skills which people may appreciate some extra levels of, the Berserker gets both 2h axe mastery, and dual axe mastery, which..... The Beast Master would also benefit from regardless of weapon choice! Since... well, it's going to be an axe of some sort.


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                  Harmony of Life wouldn't be bad if it made you a lot more tankier and upped your stats more.

                  Basically it would be like, play as a pet class or play as a hybrid tank type who's pet boosts them.

                  I think having a choice would be good considering BM are supposed to be character first instead of pets first.


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                    Don't remove the magic resist from the anger of the wild buff that is all thanks bye.


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                      # Double Soul Harmony stats.
                      # Make bloody aftermath automatic or increase the duration that they stay as you have literally milliseconds to select the button, which is hard ad speed.
                      # pets to possibly get the same buffs, such as HV for their pets too.
                      # drillbots unity does not stack with the pick evasion unity, despite having different abilities.
                      # unities, overrun,Feral Regenerationomestication:Sanguine bond: Spirit Link: need to be increased slightly to make any difference
                      # wave cut is the only good ability, would be great if you could knock off a couple of seconds on the cool down.
                      # most other abilities are useless.

                      ##180 BM##


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                        I have BM 178 and havent played with it lately after they nerfed 2nd pet unity and cant have 2 toggle pet unitys on same time. I lost atck spd 959 plateau. Now I need every buff, potion and energys + Wind Weapon +5 or higher card and 3 pieces of PW gears for the skill too. + I needed PW pieces for DE-, Rally, Angel's- and Protector's Force buffs to reach 959 again. Only thinking all the money and effort for it makes me sick.
                        1. Main thing stays also when u going to fix 1-h axe atck spd passive skill ?? With 2-h axe I reach 50+ atck spd higher than with 1-h axes even 2-h axe isnt right BM weapon at all.
                        2. BM is pretty good even for tanking also all mages with low Pdef have great AoE spamming skills supported with PW armor pieces but BM skill WaveCut isnt spammable even with +24 helmet. No PW pieces for the skill either even its the best skill.
                        Too narrow AoE angel on WaveCut. In ungerground almost impossible to kill 3 witches at once even it would be possible by skill dmg. BM could easily do some tanking with good spammable AoE skill like Hell's storm on Slayer is.
                        At least reduce the cooltime of the skill to under 5 secs.
                        Skill dmg would need some PW pieces too for higher skill dmg.
                        And how the hell WaveCut +5 lv23 miss even once? In some rooms of Circus it may fail every 3rd time. Success of 66% is low rate on a skill +5 lv 23. Think if templar was missing 30% of Holy Ground and had to wait for cooltime.
                        Savage Frenzy is endless skill when +22 helmet and if u have 1 PW piece of Savage Frenzy.
                        In my opinion WaveCut needs wider AoE angel+ much lower cooltime. Something like less than 5 secs. No skill miss when higher than +2 lv 15 skill. And it surely needs PW pieces for the skill. The only WaveCut pieces are for Berseker but removed from BM after first week of Parallel World. ( 1 friend of mine was able to do PW during the first week of PW and got 3 pieces of WaveCut for BM.)
                        Other skills miss too much as well like Log Split, Beast Shockwave, Blasting Rock cut and Chainsickle wind. They shouldnt miss with +5 card and +22 helmet at all.
                        And question is about atck spd again: are u pushing me to switch on 2-h axe for reaching 959 plateau easier than with 1-h axes? The atck spd difference is over 50+ for 2-h axe.