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Welcome to the new *BUG HUNTING* forum [Read Me]

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  • Welcome to the new *BUG HUNTING* forum [Read Me]

    Where am I?

    This forum is dedicated to bug report from both our volunteers and players.
    Volunteers are also encouraged to help with technical issues you might experience. In such case, please visit our HELP forum.

    When reporting a bug, please try to follow the template below and make sure to provide as much information as possible.
    Bug name
    Short description (Should also be used as a topic name)
    Time of occurrence
    Which event, time period, action it happened at
    Detailed description of the bug
    Reproduction Steps (Optional)
    Exact steps required to reproduce the bug
    Note: Feel free to add screenshots / videos in the description or reproduction steps part.

    In case of very heavy bugs that could be abused by others, please refrain from listing them here and instead submit a ticket with the same template.

    Who are the volunteers?

    The WEBZEN Volunteer Programme was started not too long ago, so we are still on the Trainee Island here. Volunteers are game experts that agreed to help fellow players to solve their most troubling game issues and help us with finding bugs.

    ​The Volunteers are players just like you. They are sacrificing their free time to help you out and make sure the forums are a fun and helpful place, so show some appreciation and keep things civil when chatting with them!

    Please understand that our volunteers are only human and cannot be expected to know everything or get everything right all the time. Also, please be aware that the powers of our volunteers are limited and that they are not WEBZEN employees, so they may not necessarily have access to any more information than you do.

    So how can a volunteer help me?

    Volunteers are experienced players and can help you solve some common issues that are well-known to veterans and do not need the intervention of WEBZEN itself. They can also provide you with information regarding the game content itself, in case you find yourself stuck at some point.

    However, they are not employees of WEBZEN and therefore do not have access to any tools needed to solve any account or billing issues. You will have to contact our customer support team via ticket if you run into such issues.

  • (MOD)Jackalope
    Topics will now also be labeled by type;

    [Text Bug] errors in text description
    [Item Bug] incorrect behaviour or triggers error
    [Skill Bug] incorrect behaviour or triggers error
    [Graphic Bug] objects have the wrong skin etc
    [Sync Bug] lag related
    [Misc. Bug] miscellaneous bugs including general game bugs

    [Exploit] everything that breaks the ToS

    [Resolved] will be placed by a MOD when a bug is reported as fixed

    Topics may also use combined labels like [Skill/Sync Bug] and [Text/Skill Bug] when the nature of the error is unclear.

    If your topic is not actually a bug it may be closed or moved to a more appropriate section of the forum without notice.

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