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Launcher: Rappelzconfig.exe problem

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  • Launcher: Rappelzconfig.exe problem

    When I download and start launcher, it starts normal. Then after downloading 40 to 50% of the patches it stops and make a green page on launcher with different language. I think its saying(googletranslated) We can't connect the gameguard servers. Also there is a button on launcher with this text and when you click it it makes you download an original "rappelzconfig.exe file".

    After this green page opens, nothing I do worked. I tried numerous weird solutions like using this new config file in game files, restarting, deleting cookies, I don't have a virüs program and stopped the windows defender...

    So when I looked at the of text file of rappelz there is a line like this. This could be a clue but I can't understand what that means. Can you help me to understand my problem.

    2020-07-04 20:07:50 [RZ_EU] RappelzConfig.exe file download failed.(-4 - 204) - url:

    Also When I looked at the event viewer of windows for the error of the launcher and see if it says something meaningful it said;

    Hatalı uygulama adı: RappelzConfig.exe, sürüm:, zaman damgası: 0x5caee815
    Hatalı modül adı: ntdll.dll, sürüm: 10.0.18362.815, zaman damgası: 0x2995af02
    Özel durum kodu: 0xc0000374
    Hata uzaklığı 0x000dfa1d
    Hatalı işlem kimliği: 0x2bd4
    Uygulama başlangıç zamanı: 0x01d6519c8d582ccf
    Hatalı uygulama yolu: C:\Users\Safiş\Downloads\Programs\RappelzConfig.ex e
    Hatalı modül yolu: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
    Rapor kimliği: 18ca61fd-3d64-4097-a1b1-1226097ccbd5

    It is Turkish but doesn't matter.. I downloaded and changed this ntdll.dll thing but didn't change a thing

    I tried to use win98sUpdateUtil thing but nothing happens, it just open the game homepage and start the launcher. Nıothing more. And reinstalling or deleting gameguard files and restart launcher didn't work.

    PLS HELP MEEEE.. I can't open the game at all.

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      The important thing is I triying to go in Tr(Turkish part of the launcher but I tried Eu too. Now after seeing (Pl) part in the error lines, I m trying to enter the game from Poland part.