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Inferno gear bug

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  • Inferno gear bug

    Hi guys.

    I was making my overlord +24 armor inferno,

    my deadeye had the refined crystals so I used it to make the gear.

    Now it turned in to `hunter class for master class` not universal,so I cant wear it.

    Looks like it a bug as it reverted back to master class not universal.

    Have submitted a ticket and a picture so hopefully will get it resolved

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    This is not a bug! It's an actual feature (not even joking). When creating Inferno or Reviac this will happen.
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      Hi Realize,
      Thx for info realize, didn't know it would not stay universal
      my oracle did gloves 1st they stayed same universal/overlord so though I was ok to do armor.
      Just hope they take pity on me and help with my mistake. don't really want to start from scratch as armor was +24


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        Hey, what skillh as that armor and do u remember when u bought it if it ws nusy/flumi already? Because there are 4 types of pw gears (warrior, hunter, mage ans summoner) while they are nusy/flumi they are all universal and therefore any class can use them, but since they are inferno/reviac they became again class specified and therefore back to warrior/hunter/mage.. so u should either keep armor at fluminis max if u want to use them over all your toons or get class specific armor for each toon and lvl it up as.u progress, so then u wont loose the skill .. thats why i gave up using my ol darkstrike gears long time ago and was searching whats best for ol and found out blood i stick with those..(darkstrike was only rollable on warrior gears, so later on they would be only useable for pets) as on warrior classess this skill is not very usefull in later game..

        let us know wmhat gear it was at first, cuZ I am planing to make similar method for my alts and not sure if i can make inferno with just 185 lvl toon before it would be somehow locked on it (unable to remove) while toon will be naked as its not wearable at 185+)