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Launcher update failure - SFrame File size issue (Manual patcher won't work)

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  • Launcher update failure - SFrame File size issue (Manual patcher won't work)


    I have downloaded the EU client and tried to run it for the first time. But I always get an error at 68% which leads me an error in different language which I found that it means "Incorrect file size for SFrame". Then I found this link which didnt solve my problem either. Because when I tried to use manual patcher, it gives me another error "Client is too old, it needs to be at least bla bla".

    I am really sad to see that this beautiful game became that buggy. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Please try to run the Win98sUpdateUtil.exe that is in your Rappelz folder.

    If that doesn't help:

    -Deactivating your Antivirus software could help.
    -Deleting Cookies/Cache from your Internet explorer could also help. (i prefer using CCleaner for that)

    If it still doesn't work please feel free to reply once more.



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      Returning player after not playing for 10 years here.

      I gave the same problem with the EU client. So here is what I did:
      - downloaded the EU client downloader from here:
      - at first launch I get the SFrame error;
      - downloaded the manual patch for EU from here:
      - tried to launch it, but I get the error: "Current version 95019 is too old. You need 95494 or higher";
      - I tried launching the Win98sUpdateUtil.exe, but the same error (SFrame) appears at 68%;
      - I tried with the antivirus disabled and cleared the cookies;
      - still get the error and can not play the game on EU servers.

      Please help! Thank you.


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        Moi aussi,cela fait 2 ans que je n'y ai pas jouer et la j'ai essayer de faire tout ce qu'il dise mais j'ai la même erreur que BlackJuju. Est ce que les administrateurs pourraient nous aider merci d'avance.


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          I have the same issues sligtly different but also same kind..