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  • enhancement fails

    hi,in the last 24hours i tried to enhance my armor i used 6 ACD,6 E-PRO all failed,pls look into this!

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    Ancient strikes add 30% flat, so you have at least a 1/3 chance on succes. That leaves at least 50% chance of failure.

    0/6 is not even that extreme, I have personally had a 7/8 succes getting my yushi belt from +13 to +20, but I also heard of people getting 0/25 tries.
    The extremes happen too.

    It's like rolling a dice. Roll one 100 times and write down each roll wether it was even or odds.
    It's very likely you'll have at least one streak of 6 or more. That's randomness for you. You just got bad luck I think.