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My perso is invisible !?

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  • My perso is invisible !?

    Hello, i read this text Because for signaled a bug of my account.
    i stopping rappelz and just 2 day i comeback in the game.
    but mychesplate is invisible ? Read this in chesplate "The objet cannot be located".
    i log with my second computer and another account and this bug is To look for other players...
    Sorry for my english i'm french...
    ty and peace

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    Hello there!

    That bug that you encountered got fixed quite some time ago but there are a few exceptions just like you.
    The only option to fix this issue is by removing the transmog from your gear.

    Please request the removal in a ticket, give them the information about what characters are affected and they will remove the transmog for you.

    Also you should tell them to send this ticket to a gamemaster so they can remove the buggy transmog.

    If you want to use a new transmog you should ask them for new charms so you can get back your old look.

    ->Write a Ticket (don't forget to change the Category)

    Good luck!