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    when I pass the login screen and I'm on the character screen I keep getting kicked out " rappelz encountered an error unexpectedly" and then I have to log back in it doesn't happen with all my characters ,it just seems to be the 4th one down it'll let me create more characters and then play but if I try to load the 4th I get the same problem even if I go to another whilst in the game and Alt Z and choose return to character selection ,I select the 4th one down and get the same result and there items on that character I need to use ie pet and weapons I just hope it can be fixed

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    I strongly think that this has something to do with the transmog feature/ Invisibility bug.

    You probably should contact the support about that via the ticketsystem. Some visual Item is probably crashing your client every single time you try to load it because it is faulty.


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      thanx ill give them a try