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Bug! Avoid Iron Ingots!

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  • Bug! Avoid Iron Ingots!

    Can't find a way to submit a ticket but there is an issue with iron ingots. You can purchase them from the merchant but cannot sell them back. @Webzen, Please fix this or remove them asap and reimburse those who has them on their account. I just ended up ripping a friend off by some rupee change because of them. I will be reimbursing them tomorrow but I am not happy with this new bug. Fix it asap please. Everybody else beware.

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    I only bought 10 of them. I was trying something out with ingots. I realized right away that they won't sell and I just destroyed them. It is a problem though.


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      Removing them from the game is not Ideal as they are needed to craft some high end materials for high end gears.

      For example:
      To make Black Dragon's Bead you need to combine 10x White Dragon's Bead, 10x Crystal of Devildom and 1x Iron Ingot.
      (these are needed for Inferno and Reviac gears)
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        Working as intended. They aren't supposed to be a 1m version of gold/silver ingots. Probably could do with a name change though.
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