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  • Royal Axe

    Royal axe the extremely valuable weap sell for 196980 at the npc, if i am not mistaken i think it used to be at least like 10 millions, has there been any intentional change?

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    A little bit more information would be good.
    Non dura / Dura Item ?
    Where can it be found/dropped?
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      it's a level 65 blue weapon "legendary" , as far as i was concerned this used to be worth about 10m @ npc and now i see them selling for 196k so i thought i'd ask


      • Realize
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        i am pretty sure that the selling price is actually right on this one since it is a R3 weapon. Rank 3 weapons don't sell for that much.
        When you think about 10m+ you're probably thinking about the blue legendary weapons out of TOA etc.
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      • Opetakias
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        Found a quote from a topic during an update on 2018 saying the below
        "Also something I've noticed but isn't mentioned in the patch notes, royal axe's (rare drop r3 1hand axe) npc price got greatly reduced? I remember it used to fetch a few million ruppees but now the NPCs are offering a few hundred ruppees for it. Was this an intended change or something accidentally got messed up during this patch?"
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