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White Steels not searchable in the auction house

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  • White Steels not searchable in the auction house

    Repro Steps:
    1) Log into the game
    2) Go to any town
    3) Talk to a auction house NPC
    4) Enter "White", "Steel" or "White Steel" under the category "All"
    5) Click Search
    5) You will see no items being shown. (even if there are white steels in the auction house)


    These are taken a few seconds appart. The 1st shows that there are clearly white steels in the auction house. The 2nd shows that the search function does not work for white steels.

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    there are many items hidden for search function


    • Lamalas
      Lamalas commented
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      Such as? (It would be handy to know.)

    • RageOfWar
      RageOfWar commented
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      every item that is new cant be searched in ah
      Shadowforged Plating for example and the new merc skill card

      whenever a new item is released it seems you cant search for it in ah simply cause nobody from staff seems to care

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    Boar's ring.