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  • underground bug


    there is a bug with underground quests it gives less exp then it should be PLS fix this.. with less i mean Alot more....
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    Not a bug, Devs screw us in order to FORCE low level players to do low level DPs at some useless dungeons *cough* Cube *cough*

    Thing that some of us refuse to do, due the crappy exp gain at Cube, only Bosses provide some decent exp but you need an OP friend to kill the last boss and then you get Exp Penalty because of that OP HL friend.

    Cube also suffers of having too few mobs per room, tiny claustrophobic rooms and the darmn portals!
    So, yeah.. they screwed us sideways.

    Now the transition form MC (lv153)to lv160 takes forever, even if you can solo stuff.
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