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  • Officer Rank Permissions


    After a recent patch the Officer Rank no longer grants the players permissions to kick guild members, change their ranks, or manage guild in any way.

    Repro Steps:

    1) Use ''Sub-Guild Master Appointing Ticket'' on guild member.

    Permissions disabled on an Officer Rank member:

    Side note: This Rank should have customize-able options like the other ranks.

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    It's better this way, because the master appointing ticket allows other players in the guild to get the guild buff equally strong as the guild master if they can get 100 citadel tokens.

    Otherwise, it only takes one pissed officer to destroy a whole guild by kicking everyone. And guilds are one of the foundations of the community, so I believe it's better that the powers remain with the guild master only.

    However, it would be best if the guild master can change the permissions of each member regardless of wether they are an officer or not.


    • Kenshin
      Kenshin commented
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      It is not better this way because it ''nerfs'' higher ranking members into regular or low permissions....If everyone in the guild will be a Officer, whats the point of all the different ranks then with their respective permissions?

      That's why the only good option is allow Officer rank to have settings same as rest. Or better yet, Simply make the Officer scroll unlock higher buff and cloak, but keep ranks as they are...

    • Lamalas
      Lamalas commented
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      Exactly my point, the scroll should unlock the buff and cloak but keep the ranks unaffected, so the guild leader can still decide who is allowed to invite or kick people without affecting the respective's members ability to have the buff and cloak.

    • Kenshin
      Kenshin commented
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      Yeah we have asked for this before but nothing was done about it.