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    Swapping Yushy belts and having to remove one pet from formation- so have healer pet (out) , gnoll for buff, dt for buff and potion and another DT- so one DT goes.

    Swapping belts and having to find 5 pets and 3 boss cards and put them back on. Not enough bar space for all of these plus all the various buff armors plus the various earrings and necklaces needed in DD.

    Having to rebuff Gnoll reflective shield every 8 minutes.

    Having to rebuff DT buff every 8 minutes.

    Having to rebuff godly protection way too often.

    Having to rebuff divine cluster every 11 minutes, which involves armor swap so have to be out of combat.

    Having to redo other Templar buffs after 32 minutes or so, again involves armor swap so out of combat.

    With the exception of godly protection all these mostly involve stopping whilst you do it- which means the whole party also has to stop. DT and Gnoll you can try during combat but the mobs sometimes kill them before they finish the buff, then trying to time two 8 minutes buffs between rooms is a pain.

    Non-tank classes don't have these problems as they aren't holding the aggro so can swap/rebuff any time they like.

    Not to mention when you swap off RP armor for the three sets of buff armor you lose over half your HP and have to heal up so doing that in combat is only an option if you like wiping!


    Extend the buff times.

    Fix the belt swap problem.


    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.