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Rondo Citadel Siege Alliance Bug

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  • Rondo Citadel Siege Alliance Bug

    This bug is considered an exploit. Exploits should be reported to the customer support.
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    I had the impression this was guild only activity. I wasn't aware that alliances could participate. So would like some GM clarification. I looked back and found this.


    The expansion will bring an entire new location to Rappelz: a citadel built on the ruins of the Rondo Arena, just outside the city of Rondo. Players will be able to besiege the Rondo Citadel once a week. Only guilds can participate in the Siege, independently from the level of their members, and rewards will be distributed based on how fast each guild completes the challenge.

    There is a lot that needs addressed with Citadel. I do hope they smooth things out and make it more accessible for all guilds that want to participate.


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      This exploit has already been reported. It is considered an exploit so it does not show on the roadmap.

      Thanks for your report.


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        Aside from the bug. Will alliances be able to participate in Sieges? Because if not, it beats the purpose of being in an Alliance......Makes no sense that alliance can join the rest of sieges except this one.

        On top of this, as Momba said; there needs to be a way for all guilds to be able to participate.

        Also would be nice if after exploit is fixed, the Citadel Siege itself has a way to teleport players to Camp at least after each gate is done in each area. Having to teleport to town and then from town to citadel again gets annoying....Imagine if in dungeon sieges, each time we killed an enemy guild member we had to go to town and then back to dungeon..
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