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  • Bug report roadmap Rappelz

    Hello players,

    Here you can consult the list of existing bugs. Please make sure your bug isn't already on this list before posting a new one.

    [New] This bug is newly reported by the community and has not yet been tested by our QA team.
    [Unconfirmed] Our QA team has not been able to reproduce the bug so it cannot be confirmed. Please provide more information.
    [Reported] The QA team has been able to confirm the bug and it has been reported to Gala's developers.
    [Fixed] Gala's developers have provided a fix for this issue and it has been applied to the servers.

    Here's the list of ongoing issues that have been reported to us:

    [Fixed] Bow and Crossbow cannot use skill while attacking
    [Reported] Some player Players crash when they open 3 clients
    [Fixed] Vulcanus collection doesn't work properly
    [Fixed] Issue on the Skill mas repentance
    [Reported] Death Gladiator Wrong Skill Icon
    [Fixed] Durability Type missing on some items
    [Fixed] Invisible Characters on selection screen
    [Reported] Vulcanus Entry bugged window Issue
    [Reported] Pet stat display error
    [Reported] Fairy bottle option doesn't appear after crash while dead
    [Fixed] Divers bug and glitch in Rondo city
    [Fixed] Angel wings monster and pet with wrong colors
    [New] Revived boss are unusually strong
    [Fixed] You don't get buff for owning some dungeon
    [Fixed] Rondo citadel weekly quest does not complete
    [Reported] Missing mob in the Neurology lab (Vault of lies dungeon)
    [Reported] Logging out when hit with DOT skill causes death upon next login
    [Reported] The Void Mage's skill "Chain Lightning" causes players to DC in PvP
    [Reported] If pet dies in duel, you lose and are forced to use God Mother Fairy's Bottle to revive
    [Reported] Pet remains standing after death
    [Reported] Player continues moving if CCed after moving with mouse instead of WASD
    [Reported] Missing green aura for enchanted weapons above +20
    [Reported] Some cloaks don't change appearance after appearance transfer
    [Reported] Incorrect number displayed in requirements for Potion Lover title
    [Reported] Buff from Creature Skill Artifact disappears after relogging

    Keep in mind that bugs which can be abused to gain an advantage don't show on this list. We ask you to report those kind of issues to the customer support

    Please report new bugs on a separate topic. You can answer this topic with a link to your bug if we forgot to add it.

    Here's the minimum info we need to report bugs to GALA:

    [Add here a description of the issue. You can add as much information as possible: when it happens, how, monster name, skill name, item name and so on.]

    Repro Steps:
    [Add here all the steps a player should follow to reproduce the issue.

    For example:
    1) Start the game
    2) Go to the Hidden Village
    3) Talk to the Guide NPC and obtain the quest
    4) Kill the first target of the quest
    5) Notice the issue (the quest counter stays the same)]

    [Add here screenshots or a link to a video displaying all the repro steps. (Video mandatory if the bug is hard or complicated to reproduce)]

    Thank you very much for your help,
    Your Rappelz team

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      Unfortunatly, for those of us who had dura items before the name changes, the stats are still missing. The following screenshots were taken today after it was supposed to be fixed.
      I understand it may not be possible to know what dura stats they had before, so I sugest an NPC that sells scrolls to make them eager [witch], rapid [witch] etc again (if they have dura but without stats as below). Or add such scrolls to the droptables of the dungeons where the weapons drop.

      I have about 20 such maces that used to be devouring. With the name change they should have kept the stats only with the name changed to eager [witch]. Instead they lost both.

      Simulare story with running gears, etc. Perhaps if the items with the old names would be added to the database again, the problem could be solved as well.


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        Green screen (crash and reboot) with latest build of windows 10 (last build tested is 19030)

        Repro Steps:

        1) Join insiders programm in slow or fast ring
        2) Update windows
        3) Launch the game
        4) green screen occurs
        5) computer is rebooted

        hard to screenshot a green screen.
        But easy to reproduce, just join insiders program which is free.

        PS. Still impossible to play with latest build of windows (19555 since 30.01.2020)
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          Are we ever going to get an update on this?

          [New] Revived boss are unusually strong


          • Lamalas
            Lamalas commented
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            I find the the revived bosses are all pretty doable to kill, even solo, even without event buffs or pieces. The fact that the jewels can be traded means they are somthing to be farmed just like boss card, extreme powers, yushiva's essences, orbs etc.
            I'm guessing the bosses got an intended increase in stats to keep them a challenge for higher players.

            The starting level of the quest 160, does not mean that a 160 player should be able to easly solo them. For example, how manny lvl 150 players can solo hero hector (roa)? You only need to be 150 to equip it but that doesn't mean it should be solo-able at that level.

          • Nose
            Nose commented
            Editing a comment
            Lamalas, nothing you said makes any sense. It's already been identified as a bug. Just because you can do it doesn't mean others can. You just want people to buy the items from you. A lvl 160 quest should be able to be done by a 160 character with average gear, but instead characters lvl 175 with all +20 gear can't do it. You better check your privilege.
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