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  • Revived Bosses Insane

    Please check properly this issue and fix it if necessary. But I think that 35 000 hits with almost all damage reduction staff is too much for bosses 160 lvl quest.
    My char is 193 lvl, using Yshiva Belt (10% reduction); Yushiva Earrings (30% reduction), Inferno Helmet (1% reduction), Shinning Armor Buf (14% reduction). All gears +24/25 (DD set with all bonuses) and BD hits me 35 000 – 40 000. If I remove Yushiva Earrings critical hits sometimes up to 100 000 HP. I think it’s insane. My stats and link to video below.

    What 160 char should do to make a quest?

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    made the quests in circus yesterday, did the revived boss as well. Two things came up:
    1. seems to have more hp, took longer than expected
    2. absolutely no drop, nothing.

    Server Mephisto (Ger)


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      There is no issue with damage on revived bosses. They are meant to be stronger than the regular versions. You are a mage class, they dont have the same amount of pdef as a warrior class and will take more damage.


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        wow, are you series? no issue?

        have you seen the video ? have you seen the character stats?

        with more than 58k p.def and the other damage reduction items and buffs

        the boss hit for more than 30k and when removing the errings it went up to more than 50k

        and you say no issue? dude please these bosses were not hitting for more than 20k with way less damage reduction then this

        there is defiantly an issue here

        you need to check up with the GMs on this one


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          erm, 185 slayer here, can't farm the jewels for the '160 QUEST'. What planet would that be a 'non-issue' on? Curious, because here on planet earth I see a HUUUUUGE problem with logistics there.


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            In the first place, these bosses are improperly strong against the level that the quest can receive.
            If it becomes weaker than before, it will be convinced, but even if it becomes Lv200 which became strong, there is a possibility that TP cannot be obtained.

            Rather, the monsters in this quest must be weaker than when they were implemented.


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              Well i went out to test these "new hard" bossess and realized they do have alot more hp, hit more harder than before, but its still manageable with the right strategy.. tested it on 2 different toons, corr (180) and ol (179), not using yushi belt, cuz dont have any yet, with proper earings and pet heals its manageable.. well voids been always too squishy so no wonder u cant do it even with reviac set lol "xD happy hunting "