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Unable to store Rebirth Scroll

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  • Unable to store Rebirth Scroll

    Hi there. I recently submitted a ticket with regards to a bound Rebirth Scroll I have that can't be placed into my warehouse (despite text clearly stating that it can be stored).
    I received acknowledgement to my ticket and it has subsequently been closed without resolution, only a suggestion to search this forum and Discord. My request to talk to a GM on Discord resulted in me being advised that the GM's will not deal with ticket issues. Could someone please suggest my next course of action, as clearly my previous ticket was too trivial to resolve?

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    I assume the problem can't be considered as a ticket issue. Try asking to GM's in discord whether the parsch is placeable to WH or not.Don't say " I have a problem about a ticket i have sent". I'm sure they will be more interested in giving a respond for ticket issue after they have given an answer about WH issue.


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      I requested to talk to a GM and was told (by another player) they won't respond to ticket issues. If customer service can't or won't address my issue how will GM's using Discord approach the issue any differently? Going back through my old posts it appears I made a previous post about this issue 2 years ago (I took a break from game since then) and was told by Nazgul it would be addressed.


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        As i said before, don't start to talk about subject directly saying "I have an ticket issue", write i want to ask a question about this parsch, or this item etc. Then try to ask personally what answer you have got from support system. I wouldn't bother or care what other players say in discord bc most of them see the problem as a "ticket" issue, nothing else.. Reach to "Tharja in discord, he's/she's very talkative person.

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      Hi, this is string error on tooltip of the item. All [BOUND] item is not able to store in the warehouse.