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you have been disconnected from the server !!!!

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  • you have been disconnected from the server !!!!

    i'am having a lot of "you have benn disconnected from the server" since the last update on 6/8/2019 , when i log in and chose my caracter , i start playing for about 10 min or 15 min max then i get this notification of disconnection , knowing that i'am using a wirless connection and getting a good signal from it , and used to playing with the same wirless connection without having any issues !

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    When do you get disconnected ? what are you doing at that very moment? Just saying "I've been disconnected does not help at all. It requires a little bit more information.

    Here are a few things that could be the reason/fix for your problem:

    - Check if rappelz is not blocked by any Antivirus or your Firewall (Avast is known to block Rappelz)

    - Restart your router. Most likely your wireless connection is the cause for those lost connections. You can try checking if other routers are using the same frequency and maybe change that.

    -Check if you are downloading something in the background. Sometimes people have things like steam running and forget that they update their games.

    that's it from me so far. You're the only one reporting this atm.
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      It's sunday here right now, I checked everything mention up here and more..., it's still a dc festival and i'm not talking about the laggy part during the time i'm connected.
      Something wong here !