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Insane Lag at HV Teleporter

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  • Insane Lag at HV Teleporter

    Are the devs aware of the INSANE lag at the HV (and only HV) teleporter?
    And if so, can we get any hope that it gets fixed ..soon?

    If devs aren't aware, let me inform that the problem started with the last patch, every time you arrive the HV teleporter from elsewere, you get a massive lag spike, so bad that you only see a Black screen for 1 or 2 minutes, that's CRAZY!!. Nowadays i try to avoid HV as much as posible due that reason.

    I've noticed that the lag gets worst depending on the number of players parked or in transit at the teleporter, when there is noone around you barely notice any lag. When many people parks at teleporter --> BLACK SCREEN forever.

    This happens to me at Unicorn Server, idk if Reviac has same problem.


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    Hi again, i just want to give ya folks and Update and a work around fix on this problem:

    - It happens on all Teleporters where 2 or more players are gathered at same time, i had experienced it at HV, Rondo and Devildom.

    Work-around (thanks to Fushie for it):
    • Recall your loot pet before teleporting.
    If you recall your loot pet the lag will be gone. Yeah i tough it was a myth too till i tried and it just worked.