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  • Exp bug

    Hey, yesterday after getting Master Class and level 152, me and my friends did all the dungeon quests from Arid to Palmir - 24 in total + 3 dailies.
    Everything went well except the fact that my character stopped gaining normal experience on level 156.
    Let my clarify - he got like 7% from 2B quests meanwhile he needs only 6B to get to level 157 - you know the maths.
    The same thing with circus dailies and labyrinth farming - 1-3% per quest or whole room of stone golems.
    Could you please help me with an answer - what went wrong and why do I have to get about 20B exp to level 157 when it should be the pool to level 160 from what I have heard.
    Fix this please since it wastes my time and stamina savers in the process.

    EDIT: I can't get my PP higher than 51 even though I need 565619 PP for the next level and I have 1853M.
    I have level 156 so it shouldn't block if I am correct with this

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    Wow that's shocking! This makes other bugs pale in comparison.

    Just out of curiosity:
    Was it a new character or an old character?
    Did you have a pet summoned with a level higher then your own?
    With PP do you mean Job Level?


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      High level pet = 10% exps.


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        Level of my pet was 150 in comparison to my 152 when I began dungeons, its a new two day character, and yes PP is Job Level excatly - I can't proceed above 51 even though I have the numbers. I guess its something big..


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          And the exp of quests shouldn't lower even when I have higher pet though I don't have one


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            I do not confirm it in all quests, but the acquisition quantity of the experience level of the quest that is higher than level 150 seems to become the 1/3 unlike the explanation of the quest.