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Yet another error to add to the growing list of bugs!

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  • Yet another error to add to the growing list of bugs!

    Here we go again! Nothing has been fixed yet since the introduction of Epic 9.6 and now we have another issue to contend with... The W,A,S,D, keyboard movement keys no longer function although I have them selected appropriately in the hey bindings settings menu? Everything else seems to work (so far) but this is an annoying issue. Just add it to the growing list of errors in the game that I previously pointed out to you...

    1. Character Selection Screen, characters appear like disembodied heads floating in the air or amputated limbs.
    2. Vulcanus level selection window sometimes appears as blank black box.
    3. Angel wings on all angel mobs are incorrectly placed on the figures in their chest not their backs and vertically instead of horizontally.
    4. Hornet mobs wings have but two motion positions up and down at a slow speed of once per ea. 3 seconds .
    5. Unexpected disconnects when moving around in the game.

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    Has this issue gotten fixed yet? It happened to me also, and a few others that I talked with yesterday online.


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      The number 3 on your list has been fixed. I just checked on mobs (field and pw) and pets and it's all correctly now.
      Number 1 is mostly fixed, with a few exceptions. See other topic:


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        The w,a,s,d problem can be fixed by making the game full screen and alt+tab. Problem resolves by itself after that.