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  • Deadeye bug

    After the 25 June maintenance, when i auto attack to slots i can't use my skills successively ( auto attack+ poison shot or piercing arrow, etc.). I just have to stop and wait, so my attack cancels and I don't do anymore damage, then, i can use skills in a normal way. This problem was present last week when i use salamander transformation potion. I wasn't able to do the same combo when i'm under the influence of potion, but today under the effect of potion i was able to do combo. And also there is a problem with second crossbow, it doesn't look like a normal item while attacking it just mixes with the first crossbow.

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    i'm facing the same issue after the latest patch,cant cast any skills during doing basic attack,but stop basic attack and then use skills,seems skills command cant interrupt the basic attack


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      I also have the same problem