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Please FIX the GAME BUGS!!

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  • Please FIX the GAME BUGS!!

    Hi all, especially GMs or whoever .. Its been awhile and many problems are still going around and not being fixed, only getting more and more of them. U guys instead of checking if everything is working fine before releasing new "event" or even trying to actually log in to the game and check if its running properly, only keep shooting more and more events and the bugs just keep getting worse..

    Its been since new epic patch that after certain log ins to the game (usually 10-12) - (which is about to swap all buff slaves, if I can count some crashes and game freezings in the login menu), game freezez right in the login screen (after typing mane and pwd) and only CTRL +ALT+DEL works and I ALWAYS have to reset modem (which sometimes takes 15-45 minutes to get back up - if I hard reset it).. i had no similar issues before

    another bug appeared after BOSS HUNTERS event been released (all GhostKnights in PW and pets aswell lost their weapons, and All angels in the game got their wings screwed -including mobs and pets) - this comes along hand with hand witch random DCs and crashes (especially after TPing from town to town or to field and 95% crash in the vulcanus if I dont relog before entering it - which comes again to the previous problem - reseting modem.. = doing sipmle daily quests with slaves and toos I play ends up taking from 2-4 hours , sometimes I gave up and wont even bother.. (since that BH event 90% of our guildies stop playing cuz of the crashes)

    there are few more going on but i guess this GK +angels wings screw something up and game just keep getting worse.. I would appreaciate if some1 can look into it and fix that before starting new events guys

    Will post the more bugs I will find asap, had them on mind but just cant remember right now, if any1 else found some plz add in the topic '

    thanks and hopefully its gonna be fixed asap, its a great game, I'm happy to play it again (after really long break) - but this way i (and not just me) would quickly give up trying and start another game) -

    P.S. Nazghul we need You back mate!! "

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    +1 more (again) since new epic Booster jump attack * doesnt work (seems its been posted severaltimes now but no1 bothering to answer this question, so hopefully some1 will answer it now ^^

    +2nd just been doing vulcanus again - and this bug is propably known for years.. but still persist - the tabble where u choosing difficulty level by entering vulcanus is like 50% of all the time screwed either graphics bug or just plaing black window..
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      Moved Topic to BUG section as it is a bug report.
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