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Graphics Compatibility Issue

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  • Graphics Compatibility Issue

    I did as much troubleshooting as I possibly could before posting, but I am certain that Rappelz is having compatibility issues with the Geforce RTX 2060 video card (or due to Rappelz being way more buggy lately). My computer locks up completely while playing Rappelz. It does not happen with any other MMO I play. The lock up occurs around 15 minutes after the game is launched. There are no blue screen errors.

    Here goes:

    Intel i5 8400 2.8Ghz (Swapped known good)
    GSkill DDR4 2600 8GB x4 (tested in another computer for 4 hours, no failures)
    MSI B360M (Swapped known good)
    Thermaltake 700W PS (Swapped known good)
    Cooler Master 240MM Liquid Cooling System (verified, 29 C in multiple computers)
    MSI Geforce RTX 2060
    Samsung Evo 860 500GB M.2

    Flashed BIOS, updated all drivers, tried playing on Maximum and Minimum graphics, reinstalled Rappelz, reinstalled Windows and all drivers again. Swapped to a GTX 750 and used integrated intel graphics and no lock ups.

    Does anyone else have an RTX series that is experiencing lockups while playing Rappelz?