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New Bugs since last game maintenance

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  • New Bugs since last game maintenance

    Has anybody besides me noticed the following bugs since maintenance?

    1. In Relics of Ancient Moonlight dungeon; Angel mobs wings are set wrong as vertically rather than normal horizontally and they fly around sideways like crabs.

    2. In Vulcanus solo dungeon, the Level 2 hornet Nanani etc. their wings no longer beat rapidly as they should but rather with only two positions in slow succession.

    Also, and this is my worst beef; it has now been almost 2 months since the Epic change in the game and the Character Selection screen showing your characters still displays partial bodies or heads only. When are they going to fix this? And, there is still the matter of Vulcanus Level Selection Screen at the start of the dungeon run at times as well as in game. Still shows as a blank window occasionally.

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    Maybe the sideways flying angels are a dev's celebration of the new Lucifer season? (on Netflix)

    (pic is from the previous season so no spoiler of the new season).
    Also, this thread belongs in bug reporting so @mods: please move this topic.

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