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Aura of Protection bug on PK

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  • Aura of Protection bug on PK

    If i remember you are Banning people who use bugs, im right ? or should i go to Regulation ?
    Probably new GM watching it, if you dont know what is Aura of Protection let me explain
    Everytime when you teleport with NPC you got that buff.
    That buff give's immortality to you until it exist.. You can't attack people and same they can't attack you... but you miss one point, People can use theirs pets to attack players on PK ON.
    Thanks for your time

    I can understand people wanna kill his "nemesis" but they have to use bugs ? LuL xd

    [MODS] i don't wanna listen "send it to Support" this is Forum... we got BUG Hunting Section, so don't dare you tell me that please
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    When u will fix that :?
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