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  • Can't connect

    Hi, Whenever I try to login after enter my details and pressing log in the game just freezes and I have to close it with task manager, I've tried restarting my comp, restarting my internet, redownloading the game, and making the game an exception on my anti virus. I was able to play 2 days ago no problem then it just randomly stopped working for me.

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    I had the same problem 4 times so here is what you can do to prevent it from happening again and i will also tell you how you make it work again.

    - Do not login too often on too many accounts. It will result in a ban on the login server because it is actually thinking that you are a bot.

    -Get your IPv4 IP on
    -Open a ticket and send them your IP and tell them that you cannot login and that your game freezes after that.
    -Your IP will be deleted from the blacklist and everything is fine.

    In my case it had to be done during the maintenance so i guess that you have to wait for a while.
    Meanwhile you can play via any IP changer if you like to. I highly recommend Windscribe(costs money).

    Have a nice day
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      Please send a ticket to the support so we can further examine your case.


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        Thank you very much, Realize. ^^