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Corruptor Vampirism at 0.04% not adertised 0.4%

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  • Corruptor Vampirism at 0.04% not adertised 0.4%

    As the title states, from my testing I have discovered this, please rectify it requires that you put the decimal place in the correct place and not cause it to be 10x worse than what has been advertised.
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    Would be nice to get some feedback from those who are in charge of correcting this error. 10x worse is simply ridiculous. I am starting to wonder why these kind of errors are not rectified quickly, it merely requires a single digit to be shifted across, it is not rocket science.

    As per Nazgul's post found here under "Class balance"

    Are are not seeing this advertised rate, we are getting 10x worse: 0.04% instead of 0.4%.

    Ultimately this has made magic skin and neutralize magic skill very irritating vs bosses that can hit you for high damage because you lose your mana pretty much instantly.

    Change from 2% vampirism to 0.04%, a 50x nerf of the skill which is quite unfair. In fact we still died a lot with 2% vampirism even though our mp did not dissapear, there is no reason that having high mp leech is any massive unfair advantage at all. This has added to the list of useless masterclass skills corruptors have and has now also made Magic skin and Neutralize Magic an undesireable skill vs bosses and yet we cannot turn it off if we want to try without it (which we will die pretty fast then and are then become simply a much weaker VM), and we have a number of totally useless masterclass skills which is quite stupid in itself, just correct vampirism please because im sure the other corrections will take many more years before something is done -_-
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