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Rappelz Epic 9.6 Related issues

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  • Rappelz Epic 9.6 Related issues

    Dear players,

    please add here the issues you encounter with the features introduces with the latest expansion, just remember to include as many details as possible: it would make our investigations much faster.


    • If you die in a duel, buffs will not be returned as expected.
    Rupee Limit:
    • Cannot trade more than 100b (Old limit)
    • Cannot exchange LAK for rupees if you exceed 100b.
    • Cannot buy from shops anything over 100b
    Buff NPC:
    • 5% heaven will overwrite 10% or 20%.
    • Some character bodies will appear invisible on character selection screen. (It's not related to Transmogrifying Charms).
    • Spacebar to enchant is broken
    Thank you,
    Webzen team

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    Buff NPC / heaven: But low oracle player buff owerwrite existing higher buff too.


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      Booster does nothing (oracle, 2H staff, vulcan + field)


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        The kill count for the new titles is resetting after logging.


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          The vulcanus card collection doesn't add a level to Creature Taming Skill like it says on the collection icon. As in the max CT level still remained at lvl 22 instead of lvl 23.


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            I'm not sure if this is specific to 9.6, but when a pet's patk or matk go over 60k it visually resets. Also the blue + portion gets pushed to the next line, so they're stacked on top of each other, and unreadable. Pet damage while shown on the screen, it is no longer shown in the chat box when pet damage is selected.

            Unrelated, but also something I'd like to see--dot damage is really hard to figure out since multiple dots go on the screen at the same time, covering each other up. It also doesn't show up in chat text, and would be really nice if it did.


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              They seem to be 9.6 related. ~Cya
              -> Check me out on Youtube


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                Unable to delete characters on character select screen. It worked yesterday (6/4/19) but today it doesn't. It asks for your 6 digit password (the currently disabled warehouse password if I'm not mistaken?) but when you enter it does not respond in any way. This is a big issue for me as I need to clear a space for an impending character transfer.


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                  Idk if this is a bug or it's working correctly, but it has to do with an updated skill so I'll post it here. The new dethreat rework on oblivion doesnt seem to work.

                  Atm the level of oblivion i have gives me -42% threat. I was in a DP with a merc and whenever the merc would get aggro from hate aura , i would take it off of them with just one poison shot.


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                    DE Produces too much hate thats why youre getting agro. oblivion is working but not enough. the skill itself created too much hate

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                  So a weird thing that I realized. I am unsure if anyone else posted about it. When I have for example labyrinth (cube) gear in my inventory. It says "Sharpness Crit power". But when I put it in auction house. It does not show the "sharpness crit power". Basically shows only the stats of the weapon but not the actual awake of what it is.