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Guild Buff permissions automatically changing

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  • Guild Buff permissions automatically changing

    Bug name
    Guild Buff permissions automatically change. At random times, with the guild leader having made no changes to permissions, i sometimes login and find I am unable to use the guild buff, I have to pm the guild leader and the guild leader then has to go into the menu and resave buff authority for the different ranks, I am then able to buff.
    Time of occurrence
    Happened twice over the past two weeks from end of january / start of february 2019
    -Guild leader sets permissions to allow a rank to use guild buff
    - that rank can use the guild buff for a time
    - at some point the permission system resets itself
    - the rank can no longer use guild buff
    - leader must go into menu and reset permission
    Reproduction Steps (Optional)
    - Unsure
    Note: Feel free to add screenshots / videos in the description or reproduction steps part.