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bug in the pet and aution

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  • bug in the pet and aution

    All other pets look unique if your pet is unique

    and in aution broker steals the money by placing an object to sell and does not appear for sale and takes away the money but the object does not appear

    today at dawn, around 12 o'clock I climbed some stamina and my quito almost 500m and never returned it to me and all the staminas that went up never appeared in aution

    "character facebo0k"

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    Dear players,

    Due to the issues we had earlier, we have had to disable the ability of splitting items in the auction house until a permanent solution can be found.

    If you wish to sell specific amounts of items in the Auction House, this can still be done by splitting the quantities between your character and warehouse.

    We ask for your patience during this time and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Your Rappelz team.