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Achievements not updating.

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  • Achievements not updating.

    Last week I took my first 'huna to WK, and the achievement still hasn't appeared in my list. Today I took my first Evoker to MC, with the same result. I'm sure the few hours it's been isn't long enough, but the 'huna was done before maintenance, and it's still not showing up.

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    So this has yet to be addressed, but the ticket I submitted was summarily closed, as if it had been dealt with. Is this some smoke and mirrors trick of CS to make the bean counters thing they're being productive? I know I'm not feeling very "served", and it seems to be a routine trick for them.


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      Is there any kind of update as to when the database is going to get sorted out? It's kind of mind blowing that a system that worked fine in 2012 is now, under new management, broken beyond belief.


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        I'm not sure when, but checking achievements this morning, they have started updating.