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  • 1h staff dura

    i don’t know if it’s just me or something but the dura seems to go down really fast on my 1h staff. It’s +23 and I play corr so idk if that has something to do with it. But I run through dura pretty fast. Also it feels like it cost a lot of dura to repair even minor dura lose. This happing to anyone else?

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    This is still a thing. 2H melee weapons lose almost no dura, while the 1h staff loses too much too quickly. Back then it seemed balanced but at some point in some patch it got changed. How come as Mercenary spamming Wild Stream for 1 hour my 2h mace is still at 98% dura or so, while as Oracle using a few dd spells on dp my staff gets to 70% or lower?


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      Yeah its weird this issue. i also noticed same thing when using 1h staff and i dont know if it has anything to do with game sort of "thinking" of 1h staff+ MW as beeing like a 2h weapon for other classes that use 2h weapon in this term that MW does not loose any dura while 1h staff sadly looses dura for both??? Maybe this is issue and maybe should be divided dura loss on both 1h staff and magewall and laso i noticed magewall has very low dura compared to weapon---can this also be reason that low dura of MW cancels out 1h staff?? No idea but it is fishy thing with dura. Hope they fix it soon


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        Still a thing.