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Christmas event's bugs

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  • Christmas event's bugs

    normally I'll just ignore them, but there are so many bugs that we are going to see for a whole month.
    so here you go:

    1/ the text in the announcement used to be like this : a special buff called "The Christmas Valley Hunting License". This buff expires after (1 hour and 10 minutes)
    but got changed without notice to 30min . (this text confirm it : We've purposefully given the buff a longer duration to avoid unnecessary interruptions..

    2/ the Holly's Power buff has been capped at 4% instead of 20% (in the last 3 days).

    3/ when the license buff finish, and you kill a monster, you will get teleported to the wrong team's NPC (my NPC is in Asura, but always teleported to Lasky's NPC instead).

    4/ not bug, but so many text to skip in order to gift the toy part or even entering the dungeon.

    off-topic question:
    is there a higher chance to get rare drops in black dragon dungeon or higher? or same items but different exp?

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    1.My first trip was also only 30 minutes. The next one was the full time though.
    2.I've seen it over 4%. I think it's meant to slowly rise over the next couple weeks, not be an easy 20%.
    3. I went to Laksy, which was my npc.

    off-topic- Yes, Black dungeon gives better drops than red. I believe the patch notes indicated this.