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Cementary Pass How long must waiting for support?

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  • Cementary Pass How long must waiting for support?

    How long i must waiting for cementary pass i loses 2 pass and what and nothing...
    Support work? Why i ask bcs i report player in makro in pk faster's bug with cementary pass and dont see anything GL AND THX WEBZEN FOR SUPER FASTER REACTIONS. Maybe to the next one hallowen event i get answer and back mine Cementary pass

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    We have no influence on neither the time nor the action that customer support takes in regards of tickets. Every ticket is carefully treated, accusations need to be verified. Depending on the offense, warnings are given before bans. If proof is not a 100% explicit, customer support needs to do more research before actions are taken.
    Important things: forum rules - what Mods can & can't do - customer support ticket area