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[Text Bug] Cardinal Recent Skill changes

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  • [Text Bug] Cardinal Recent Skill changes

    Alot of the tooltips in the recent balance change done to Cardinal have not been updated:

    Healing: 8s CD but still shows 1s
    Divine Nova: 45s CD but still shows 10mins
    Earthquake: 2 mins CD but still shows 20mins
    Frozen Snare: 25s CD but still shows 30s
    Rainbow Field: Now hits up to 9 mobs, but still shows 7
    Divine Armor: Font size sometimes too small to read

    Also alot of skills tooltip with element icons are all messed up: for example a Water attack spell has Air type icon when it should be Water type icon.
    Last edited by Siriner; 20-10-18, 04:12 AM.