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Jump Attack Movspd bug

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  • Jump Attack Movspd bug

    In our guild parties, we've been using jump attack to help push stray mobs into the position we want, but I've noticed that when you get the Movspd buff, it's actually making me slower. I don't know if this is intended, but I can record a video of it next chance I get. I notice the same sensation too when my movspd gets too high on my merc after using level 15 Lightspeed.

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    Regarding light speed: Once your movement speed hits 1500, you move as if you have 100% weight. This is shown here:

    Not sure if that's the same reason why booster slows you down though.
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      It isn't a bug, it's working as intended. The problem is the Jump Attack Booster gives a fixed amount of bonus Mov speed., which increases with the Lvl of the Booster. But even at Lvl 5 it falls short to what players can get with buffs and other items. So for those seconds, that buff overrides your current mov speed and gives you the fixed and lower one. Similar to how Beast Disguise on Beast Master would only slow you down because it gives a low fixed amount of Mov Speed.

      It should be boosted to give higher speeds, or simply make it a % boost.