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Vulcanus still bugged

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  • Vulcanus still bugged

    This happened today about 1 hour ago. I actually took 2 screenshots using the PrntScr key, one at the Vulcanus entrance and the second one inside Vulcanus going for the 2nd floor, strangely neither was saved in my Rappelz folder (maybe because I was running Rappelz in windowed mode?) but fortunately enough I could use ctrl+v in Paint to provide this cropped image. The box of the prompt at the entrance was the same, only the text portion changed though I don't recall what exactly it said. Tried relogging, didn't work. I've managed to finish my run by randomly clicking in the black box. I was running 3 instances of Rappelz at the time the bug occured, don't know if this helps.

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    This is just one of the bugs that happens on the vulcanus. Constantly the game closes in another phase (rooms) of vulcanus and I always go without completing the quests there. The error message is: The game client encountered an error unexpectedly. Send error info? [Yes or no]. The game closes completely like a crash.