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Skills Element Type Icons Swapped + Misleading Description

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  • Skills Element Type Icons Swapped + Misleading Description

    After a recent patch some of the Skill Element Type Icons got swapped with each other; some weren't affected. This applies to ALL the skills. The ones shown here are only selected examples:

    ------------ Should be -------------->

    ------------ Should be -------------->

    ------------ Should be -------------->

    ------------ Should be -------------->


    These are correct:





    Not priority:

    The names of these elements have been changed in the past while keeping the meaning of the element, but noticed some skills related to the Holy element aren't named Holy and are named Magic.

    The problem with this is the element name and symbol is getting mixed up with one of the types of skills which are:

    - attack skill
    - passive skill
    - buff skill
    - self-buff skill

    For example:

    The Earth element skills below the icon are named:

    Earth skill, Earth attack skill, Earth buff skill, etc

    The Technical (non- elemental) skills are named:

    Attack skill, Buff skill, Passive skill, etc

    While almost half of the Holy skills are named like this:

    Holy skill, Magic skill, etc

    Suggestion: Add the word Holy to all the element skills.

    Some of the skills with said problem are: Mighty Energy Beat, Radiant Flare, Energy Beat.
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    The icons are still swapped, even tho there were class balances introduced recently which basically revolve around adjusting skills.


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      This is still a thing :/ By the nature of the bug I think it should something fairly easy and non time consuming to fix. At lest the first part which just involves swapping the icons as they were before.


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        LOL nobody cares, cash shop works.


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          Speak for yourself. At least players do. This is the bug reporting section and this is a bug. Troll elsewhere.
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