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Wildcard [Files] entries?

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  • Wildcard [Files] entries?

    Uninstaller is throwing the utcompiledcode error. Did you use wildcard files entries out of root?

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    You can do it from add/remove programs and it will work.

    The installer was updated but the previous uninstall method is no longer compatible.


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      Add/remove programs gives me the same error.


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        Try renaming your Rappelz installation folder to Rappelz_old or something like that.

        Run the uninstaller from yoyur add remove programs list and see if it says something like "It can not find Rappelz would you like to remove it from the programs list?"

        If it does click "Yes"

        Then you can just delete the Rappelz folder. Rappelz has no Windows Registry entries so it can just be deleted but I would hate for you to have it stuck in your add remove programs list if you just delete it and then the list removal thing does not work right.


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          The rappelz uninstaller doesn't uninstall the gameguard dlls? That's a little troubling.

          I'm trying to debug a windows issue and I was hoping to clear my syswow of foreign agents before I resorted to an OS refresh.