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Patch Notes - July 28th 2015 - Epic 9.2 - Parallel Worlds

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  • Patch Notes - July 28th 2015 - Epic 9.2 - Parallel Worlds

    Dear adventurers,

    Please find below the patch notes for 07/28/2015.

    - Rappelz Epic 9.2 – Parallel World is now live! See updates below.

    - LAK Trader - 28/07 - 04/08
    - Buffs from dungeon crystals - 28/07 - 25/08
    - Log in every day and get the rewards (login reward for 2h played) - 28/07 - 08/09
    - Log in and get a gift every day! (daily login reward) - 28/07 - 08/09
    - Party EXP event - 28/07 - 08/09
    - Double EXP event - 28/07 - 08/09
    - Special drop events – 28/07 - 08/09
    - Wcoin Raffle – 28/07 - 08/09

    - Translation updates have been implemented.

    [EPIC 9.2 Updates]

    1. A new instanced dungeon has been added: "Parallel World"
    Parallel World can be entered with an investigation permit that players can either obtain through a daily quest, or smuggler NPC. Both NPCs are available in all main cities.
    2. New armors, gloves and boots have been added as drop items for the Parallel World.
    The armor set can be acquired by killing boss monsters.
    The armor set will be dropped as a random box.
    3. New items, 'Awakening stone: Accessory' and 'Creature Skill Artifact', can be acquired from boss monsters.
    4. The 4 types of unique monsters that appear in the Parallel World dungeon can be tamed with soul creature cards.
    Distorted Space's Phantom Assassin
    Distorted Space's Phantom Soldier
    Distorted Space's Phantom Warlock
    Distorted Space's Phantom Shadow Hunter
    5. The minimum level restriction for the Parallel World is 150.
    The investigation permit is consumed when you enter the dungeon.
    6. Party members can complete the Parallel World quest together.

    Party Matching System
    1. In the party search window, party leaders can create an entry to look for party members
    2. They can set the Party Name, Location, Level and Number of users.
    3. The entry can be cancelled at any time.
    4. When the party is full, the party will be removed from the list automatically.
    Creature Skill
    1. Random skills have been added to existing unique creatures.
    Random skills for each unique creature's attribute have been added
    * Applies only for new tamed creatures.
    Existing unique creatures:
    - White Dragon, Death Tyrant, Baphomet, Blight Ogre, Undine, Minotaurus, Drillbot
    Changed skills:
    - Before: Fighter Unit: Melee Weapon Lv1
    Wizard Unit: Mace and Staff Lv1
    - After: “Fighter Unit” will have one of the following: Melee Weapon , Melee Weapon , Melee Weapon .
    “Wizard Unit” will have one of the following: Mace and Staff , Mace and Staff , Mace and Staff .
    2. Random dual unity skills have been added to unique soul creatures.
    - Before: Each creature had one random unity skill according to its type.
    - After: Each creature also gets a dual unity skill according to its type.
    3. Unique soul creature's blessing skill has been strengthened.
    Unique grade soul creature's blessing skill has been changed for unique only.
    Changed skill:
    Blessing of Agility:
    - Before: +1 skill level increases +1 Agility
    - After: +1 skill level increases +2 Agility (Basic), +3 Agility (Intermediate)
    Blessing of Dexterity:
    - Before: +1 skill level increases +1 Dexterity
    - After: +1 skill level increases +2 Dexterity (Basic), +3 Dexterity (Intermediate)
    Blessing of Strength:
    - Before: +1 skill level increases +1 Strength
    - After: +1 skill level increases +2 Strength (Basic), +3 Strength (Intermediate)
    Blessing of Intelligence:
    - Before: +1 skill level increases +1 Intelligence
    - After: +1 skill level increases +2 Intelligence (Basic), +3 Intelligence (Intermediate)
    Blessing of Wisdom:
    - Before: +1 skill level increases +1 Wisdom
    - After: +1 skill level increases +2 Wisdom (Basic), +3 Wisdom (Intermediate)

    1. Unlocking the new armor set:
    - Scroll to break the seal of the Distorted space's power: unlocks up to 6 armor effects
    - "Scroll to break the seal of the Distorted space's power" can be acquired as "[Daily]Investigate the Weird Crack : Time Attack" quest's reward.
    2. New awakening item for accessories has been added
    - Awakening stone: Accessory - up to 4 stats will be added on accessory randomly.
    - Can be acquired from boss monsters and quests.
    3. A new item that can add a skill bonus to a creature has been added.
    - Creature skill Artifact: when combined with Power of Change: Artifact, the item gets a random skill. A pet that learns this skill gets +1 skill level.
    - Can be acquired from boss monsters
    4. New buff item: Blessing for party/guild has been added
    - Blessing for party members: all the party members will get Blessing buff
    - Blessing for guild members: all the guild members will get Blessing buff
    (New blessing buff only applies to players logged in)
    ※ New buff items can be acquired from Hidden Village auto auction.
    1. Cube, Koala and Fortune Cube's Manufacture rate is increased.
    2. Hidden Village auto auction items changed as follow:
    Available item  Starting bid price  Bid duration
    Impact Amplifier 1 Hour  100000 24 hours
    Mirror Amplifier 1 Hour  100000 24 hours
    Mini-Potion of Growth<7days>  100000 24 hours
    Potion of Growth<7days>  100000 24 hours
    Potion of Growth<7days>  100000 24 hours
    Potion of Growth<7days> 100000 24 hours
    Blessing for all: Four-leafed Clover 100000 24 hours
    Blessing for all: Song of Battle  100000 24 hours
    World Blessing   100000 24 hours
    Sealing Scroll  100000 24 hours
    Blessing for party members: Song of Battle  100000 24 hours
    Blessing for guild members: Song of Battle  100000 24 hours
    3. ‘Reverse Zoom' option has been added in the game options.
     - When you check this option, mouse zoom in/out will work reverse.
    4. Improvement of keyboard controls for moving and skill use.
     1) Characters move through obstacles when using keyboard commands - Fixed
     2) Players can attack even when they are moving using keyboard controls.
     3) Enemy or monster now gets hit even if players move after shooting an arrow or casting a magic skill.
    5. Terrain pattern map scale changed.
      - The terrain does not break when you zoom in.
    6. Dropped item name can be seen by pressing the Alt key.
    Title Starting Condition
    Distorted Space's Explorer Quest [Daily] Investigate the Weird Crack: Time Attack received
    Open Sesame! Distorted Space's Gatekeeper Guardian Angel successfully hunted 15 times
    The Cruel Cruel Takin successfully hunted 30 times
    Ghost hunter Dragon Soul successfully hunted 50 times
    A blood-red Bloody Betrayal successfully hunted 70 times
    Taste of the Death Death god Death Tyrant successfully hunted 80 times
    Have a Cold-Heart Frozen Heart Witch successfully hunted 100 times
    1. Daily Quest
    - New daily quests have been added.
    Quest Name Level Contents Reward
    [Daily]Engagement Ring 50 Find a lost engagement ring Deva's coin, Awakening Stone: Accessory
    [Daily]Fragrant medicine!? 80 Get medicine from the Orc Lord. Deva's coin, Awakening Stone: Accessory
    [Daily]Support for exploration 130 Kill Naid monsters around The Sanctuary. Deva's coin, Power of Change: Artifact
    [Daily]Being smart medicine 130 Get secret medicine in The Sanctuary. Deva's coin, Power of Change: Artifact
    [Daily]Let's test your luck! 160 Go help Pierrot. Number box, Power of Change Artifact
    - By helping Pierrot (see last daily quest), players will be able to collect special numbers. Numbers can be traded to obtain Cash Shop items for free.
    - New Deva coins can be traded with the Coin Exchanger NPC for a list of rewards including a new cheerleader costume.

    Skill Balancing
    Skill Name Changed Content 1 Before After Changed Content 2 Before After Changed Content 3 Before After
    Cloak of Shadow Cool Time 120 secs 90 secs
    Blinding Dust Cool Time 40 secs 30 secs
    Essence of Invulnerability Cool Time 1200 secs 810 secs
    Fireball Duration 9 secs 14 secs
    Life Leech Cool Time 150 secs 100 secs
    Dark Spiral Number of Attacks 3 Times 5 Times Effective Range 4m 8m Limit No. of mobs 3 5
    Rapid Healing Cool Time 4 secs 5 secs
    Focused Gust Casting Time 1.5 secs 0.5 secs Duration 15 secs 10 secs
    Hate Aura Cool Time 30 secs 15 secs
    Holy Ground Duration 30 secs 15 secs
    Arctic Blast MP Consumption 1300 1000 M. Atk Rate 7.50% 4%
    Phase Blades P. Atk, M. Atk Amplification rate per LV 3% 4.50% P. Def, M. Def Amplification rate per LV 7% 11%
    Crystal Aura MAX MP Rate 0 0.05%
    Soul Plague Duration 8 secs 5 secs
    Earth Shatter MP Consumption 500 230
    Zephyr Strike MP Consumption 80 165 P. Atk Rate 0.3% 0.8%
    Shield Barrier lasting effect probability 1% 15%
    Earth and Fire Duration 10 secs 5 secs
    Focused Gust Casting Time 1.5 secs 0.5 secs Duration 15 secs 10 secs
    Evasive Resilience MAX HP Rate per LV 40% 60%
    Wave Cut MP Consumption per LV 38 17
    Shining Cross Casting Time 2.5 secs 1.5 secs
    Rapid Fire (Pet Skill) Additional Number of Attacks per LV 0.5 Times 0.2 Times
    Game Balance and Other Improvements
    1. Debuff success rate has been amended
    2. Dodge will be calculated for every DoT
    3. Level of penalty accuracy rate has been amended
    4. Creature skill: Rapid Fire number of attacks decreased. (9->5)
    5. Dungeon core abilities increased
    6. Additional Awakening stats added: Crit. Rate and Crit. Power
    7. Teleport fees changed
    8. Soul price changed
    9. Band of Salam wrong effect – Fixed
    10. New color effects applied to enchanted weapons

  • #2
    You cannot be serious with this? Why do the existing unique soul pets not get the second unity and better overbreed passives? There are lots of people who spent hundreds of dollars on creature respecs to their perfect uniques and now you render them useless compared to newly tamed ones? Apparently you were able to give them 130% Item Expert, so why not give them the second unity and better overbreed passives?


    • #3
      Summon Mastery is bugged.


      • #4
        Just for clearance:
        Originally posted by Event Notes
        Starting this week, you’ll have a chance to get Stamina savers, Sta 1000, Growth Potions at different levels, and a Fake Investigation permit for the Distorted Space to allow you to explore the new Dungeon!
        1. Does this mean, that SS and GP are dropping for one week?
        2. Do they drop at a rate people actually see (like 2+ per hour?)

        That would be like.... AWESOME!
        One could even asume you are finally listening to your customers!
        As I am often complaining, I'd like to thank you for the following good decisions:
        - tradable HV
        - current exp and party exp events
        - the 7-day HV from the coupon

        And I am looking forward for the increased success rate of fortune cubes.


        • #5
          Originally posted by HeavenlyBuffer View Post
          You cannot be serious with this? Why do the existing unique soul pets not get the second unity and better overbreed passives? There are lots of people who spent hundreds of dollars on creature respecs to their perfect uniques and now you render them useless compared to newly tamed ones? Apparently you were able to give them 130% Item Expert, so why not give them the second unity and better overbreed passives?
          I know exactly how you feel. I just spent quite a bit of time getting my perfect unique pet.

          I was excited about the new expansion until reading that. Still a lot of good things, but I don't feel like logging in now....if I have to start all over on my main pet again.


          • #6
            Dont get mad bro, just spend more money in CS to get your new Perfect Unique, dont you see it?, the happiness will finish when the events are over


            • #7
              Why is undine every 5 minutes down?


              • Nooblette
                Nooblette commented
                Editing a comment
                Probably due to a login event.

            • #8
              Has anyone tested Rapid Fire yet with the new nerf on it? What is your impression?


              • #9
                Constant crash on undine? was on 2 mins and crashed rolled back and decided not to log back on until it's resolved. Login event or crash event?


                • #10
                  ~~Wooow Awesome !!!!!! Finally !!! I was having lingering feeling towards, should I leave the game for good or not ? But now I have no regrets in leaving this Messed up hoshposh for a game. Every epic they deliberately screw classes, so that people use rebirth to change into some other better class.
                  Thnx for screwing up Templars only good skill and RF's !!! If u take away RF's from master breeder's Pets. Then I wonder if that class is even playable.
                  2nd - 15 secs on holy ground ? is it even able to stack upto 3 times with that short duration ? Well sorry I ain't gonna stick around to find that out.
                  Why not do something good ? What should we place in new epic's contents ? put some new armours and skill on pets that are only available to NEWLY TAMED pets. That way the old stuffs become totally useless and people will have to spend more cash on CS to stay up to date. Those who do note use CS can go to hell. Oh btw every epic we make the class which is most popular into totally crap non-playable class and some unpopular class into godly tier. So that lots of people use CS, buy Rebirth / Homocrap to change their class. Every epic it's the same stuff.
                  Oh and in the starting of the new epic. Put lots of great events all packed in 1-3 weeks so that so many players that don't play anymore (just come online for events) And those professional players that earn cash through rappelz (who have like 6 pc's at home) all log in at same time and make the game unplayable for those who actually still play crappelz.
                  Enjoy the new epic !!

                  Webzen sorry to tell you this, I know I am badly hurting your feelings. But Gala-Net was 100 x better then you. I have been on this game since epic 3. The game was great. I could actually play it for like 12 hours straight literally and I am not even Korean / Chinese. B4 sales used to be actually called "sales" that used to happen once every 3-4 months, now 2 times a week.
                  Before so many people used to play this game and they used to recommend this game to many people. Even I did many times. Now ? even gold sellers don't prefer to log in this game.
                  Before every evening was laggy cuz soo many people used to play this great game. Now you can only mimic that by putting 5-6 events together. That also barely. Your crappy servers kick people out who actually play the game, Thnx to these events all packed together. Please a little advice, don't put login and exp/ drop event together. People can only do one thing, that is either stick to town and hope they don't DC or actually go for a party and enjoy themselves. Before we had like 5-6 servers all full usually. Now three servers out of which 2 of them are empty. LeL.
                  You guys gave the game a killing blow the moment you introduced +25 gear system. Now you gave it a final blow !!! with the new epic. Atleast for me. Before new epics were something to look forward to. But now they are just another nightmare. Hoping they would not screw any more stuffs that have already been screwed badly and just hoping they do not make it even more cash shop oriented.
                  Why not nerf Mercs for a change ? that skill with one shot ko ? with a +25 bow lol
                  LUCKILY I found a great alternative to rappelz, Where I don't have to constantly spend bucks to actually enjoy the game. To be honest, I don't have to spend a dime to be perfect and be on top tiers. Compared to rappelz, where only way to be better then anyone is to spend cash on cs.


                  • #11
                    Well, this epic really SUCKS. Why the new skills of Unique Souls pet are ONLY for the new tamed ones?? That's totally unfair to players who has worked hard to get they Uniques (perfects or not). If you want money, instead of ruin the game to make everybody spent, try to do the things better for the player comunity. You really, really SUCKS.


                    • #12
                      Almost none of the skill changes listed here actually occurred:

                      whats up with that,?

                      My favorite quote from forum: I happen to be a certified math genus in multiple relevant fields, I could tell you but i doubt you will understand them. no really normal people are like what the hell is that even a few fields of greater intelligence don't understand them well. LOL!
                      My toons: Slayer - VoidMage - Mercenary - Magus - Templar - Berserker


                      • #13
                        Btw cm, most of the stuff promised in the patch notes didnt happen. You guys might wana do an emergency maitnence.


                        • #14
                          The pets seem to be lagging behind speed-wise. They're not keeping up with the characters properly as I run through a town or a dungeon or wherever. They seem to stop (and get chewed on of course) and you have to go back to get them. This needs to be fixed. The loot pets - same thing.

                          The new Support of Gust duration is down but they did kind of make up for it with a shorter casting time. Something I can live with, although five seconds seems like a long time to lose sometimes.

                          As everyone else, disappointed with the lack of the dual unities for existing unique pets although my pet does seem a little more durable (at the moment).

                          Thoroughly disappointed with the new dungeon thingy. That is designed for groups and groups only. It appears there are only rewards are for killing the bosses which are not solo-able in any way. So that's another one I won't be venturing into again. The only thing to do in there for me is try to tame stuff to which there's no point in that at the moment.


                          • #15
                            I hope the server can stay up *Undine* so that I can get the 2 hour log in complete. Or is it 2 hours combined? (Hint ~ Hint)