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Rappelz General Rules

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  • Rappelz General Rules

    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Rules
    1. Trade Scams
    2. Illegal Trades
    3. Account Selling/Buying
    4. Account Sharing
    5. Account Phishing/GM Impersonation
    6. Hacking
    7. Accomplices
    8. Victims
    9. Exploits
    10. Macros/bots
    11. Harassment
    12. Reporting
    13. False Report
    14. Language
    15. Spamming
    16. Inappropriate Names
    17. Character or Guild Names
    18. Pet Names
    III. Other Rules
    1. PvP Rules
    I. Introduction

    This thread provides a structured list of rules. This does not replace what you should know from the Terms of Service, which every user has agreed to during account creation. This list of rules are either common or frequent violations of the Terms of Service that players need to be aware of. Provided in the list is a brief description of common punishments for the associated violation, as well as other pertinent information. Consequences may differ from what this list describes based on each situation. Any of these violations should be reported via the tickets immediately. Also, please let us know if you have any concerns about issues not directly addressed in this list, or need further clarification on issues that are addressed.

    II. Rules
    1. Trade Scams - Do not scam players in any way.
      Typical Consequence: Temporary Ban & removal of scammed item[s]

      a. Victims - We generally are unable to return scammed items. Players are solely responsible for the safekeeping/loss of their items.
    2. Illegal Trades - Do not buy/sell Rappelz currency, items, or accounts for real cash, or exchange them for those of any other game.
      Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban
    3. Account Selling/Buying - The selling or purchasing of accounts is not tolerated.
      Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban
    4. Account Sharing - Do not share your account access with anyone. Doing so is at your own risk and can result in a permanent ban.
      Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban
    5. Account Phishing/GM Impersonation - Do not pretend to be a GM or any member of the WEBZEN staff for exploitative purposes, or try to get users' login information by any other means.
      Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban
    6. Hacking - Do not try to hack or crash our server(s), obtain user passwords, or use third party programs to obtain advantages in the game.
      Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban
    7. Accomplices - Aiding a hacker carries the same consequences as hacking itself.
    8. Victims - When a player's account(s) has been hacked, their account access may be temporarily suspended until they either reformat or remove the keylogger, and/or change their password(s) on their account(s).
    9. Exploits - Do not take advantage of any part of the game, beyond what it was obviously designed for, to gain advantages for yourself or others.
      Typical Consequence: Temporary Ban
    10. Macros/bots - Do not use macro/botting programs for any exploitative purpose.
      Typical Consequence: Permanent Ban
    11. Harassment - Do not harass other players, or our staff. Harassment usually involves repeatedly bothering a player with inappropriate behavior & attempting to bypass their efforts to avoid you. Some forms of harassment (like sexual) do not need to be repetitive to be considered harassment.
      Typical Consequence: Temporary Ban
    12. Reporting - If you report harassment, you must include the entire conversation. It's not harassment if you rile them up. We must be able to determine that you didn't.
    13. False Report - Do not make false reports.
      Typical Consequence: Temporary Ban
    14. Language - Do not use inappropriate language or attempt to evade the chat filter by misspelling inappropriate words.
      Typical Consequence: Temporary Mute
    15. Spamming - Do not repeat messages incessantly.
      Typical Consequence: Temporary Mute
    16. Inappropriate Names - Do not pick names that are defamatory, vulgar, prejudice/racist, or explicitly sexual.
      Typical Consequence: Name Replaced
    17. Character or Guild Names - Poorly chosen names result in a forfeit of your right to choose the name. We do not change names by request.
    18. Pet Names - A poorly named pet will be replaced with a level 1 pet of the same pet type.