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Rappelz PvP Rules

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  • Rappelz PvP Rules

    Update 11/7/2017

    We have recently had two polls on the forums, here and here, about potential changes to the way PK is treated in dungeons. The result of both polls was to disallow PK in dungeons. To clarify, this will extend to all non-instanced dungeons:

    · Relics of Arid Moonlight
    · Lost Mines
    · Crystal Valley
    · Palmir Plateau
    · Sanctuary
    · Temple of the Ancients
    · Temple of Lost Souls
    · Temple of Exile
    · Remains of the Ancients

    Hard Mode and versions 1 and 2 of the dungeons are also included, where appropriate.

    Sadly, Gala are not able to offer support in disabling the ability to turn on PK in these areas. As such, if you find yourself falling victim to being killed in the dungeon by another player, then please submit a ticket.

    Ticket Requirements:
    · A screenshot of the offender
    · The time and date of the incident, preferably in UTC (server time). However, if you are unsure, please state your own time and indicate your relevant time zone.

    Customer support shall then proceed to verify the incident via the logs and act where necessary.

    First-time offenders shall be given a warning. After this, increased suspensions will be given.

    Update 9/2/2015

    The PK System

    From today, the PK servers will be considered as such, where the law of the strongest will apply, and queries are solved with tears and blood! As a consequence, we will no longer support PK requests, except in cases of real PK abuses over a long period of time. Thanks to the Server Changing Scroll, players will now have a real choice between PVE and PVP, and we want those servers to provide a truly different experience.

    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. How PvP Works
    3. Portal Player Killing
    4. PvP Harassment
    1. Introduction
    Player versus Player (PvP) interactions make up a large portion of what Rappelz is about. No matter what server you play on, this will be one of the most gratifying & challenging aspects you will participate in.

    2. How PvP Works:
    Below are the PvP game physics that govern both PvE & PvP servers.

    General PK System
    1. To Fight: PK mode must be on to attack players.
    2. Self-Defense: If someone attacks you, you can attack them back even if your PK mode is off.
    3. Red Names: Players who have red names can be attacked by anyone, even when their PK mode is off.
    4. Safe Areas: Town areas prohibit any PKing within them.
    Immorality System
    1. IP: Immorality Points accumulate every time you PKon.
    2. Criminal Acts: Killing someone who is PKoff, or more than 10 levels below you, will grant a large amount of IP.
    3. Red Names: Players with red names have a lot of IP.
    4. Repentance: You lose IP by killing monsters your level or higher, by dying, or by donating items to alters that are found in towns.
    PK Server
    1. Death: You do not lose experience or items if PK'd.
    2. Wrath: Gaining more & more IP gives you increasing levels of Wrath, which reduces your defense, attack power, & move speed.
    3. Portal Player Killing
    We do not condone the killing of players near dungeon entrances. Even more so, we will not tolerate players who take advantage of these areas to kill others as they warp into, or out of, a dungeon.
    1. Offenders
      1. Don't let accidents happen. Turn PKoff when near a dungeon entrance. We will not excuse players who 'accidentally' killed someone.
    2. Victims
      1. Don't lie. If you were not PK'd while loading at a dungeon entrance, don't try to get the player in trouble by claiming you did. We will know & you could be punished for e-mailing us a false report.
      2. All portals inside Palmir Dungeon are fair game, except for the entrance portal. We will not punish players for PKing others near the 33 other portals.
    4. PvP Harassment
    We do not condone the act of constantly PKing someone, or a specific group, without any verifiable & legitimate reason, to the point that they are just about unable to play without being PK'd.
    1. Offender
      1. Taking screen shots of why you've decided to repeatedly PK someone might save you from punishment.
    2. Victim
      1. We will only act in extreme cases. Wasting Cash Shop Items due to a PKer is not extreme.
      2. If you know a PKer is around, you need to try avoiding them. If they continuously hunt you down, no matter where in the world you can go to escape them, you may want to report them.