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    I only ask because I used it before maint, and now it's gone x.x


    • (MOD)Hawk4hire
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      That is weird - that you could use it last weekend and not now? That sounds more like an issue for Billing. I would submit a ticket since it was just an option. It may be there is a re-connect issue or that they arent aware that an issue exists. Go to the WCoins FAQ and submit a ticket there.

    • Revoke
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      Yep, done. Thanks for advice

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    • Hunter
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      Money gone.

      Jun 6, 2014
      Payment To Webzen Dublin Limited
      -€12,30 EUR

      I will wait 3 days, then i will ask PayPay to cancel/refund or what.

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    If you're having issues with payments via PayPal, please check this thread about PayPal and payment errors.


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      Prices were not adjusted on the rebirth and hoh as they were on the previous sale

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        Hi I wanna ask something regarding purchasing wcoins.

        Is Wcoin purchase IP banned in specific regions like Asia? Coz I wanna try purchasing but there was this caption
        "Please be aware that we, Webzen West Inc, are required to limit/restrict players from all regions of Asia via IP, due to the fact that we are only licensed to
        provide our service to the following territories: North/South America, Europe, and Oceania. "

        Hence, if I am from Singapore, does that mean that even if I "buy wcoins", it will never be credited?


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          I believe you can buy coins and use them. There are customers in Vietnam and other areas that use the cash mall.

          As for that paragraph, it has been there since when a publisher in that area licenced Rapplez for a short time. After that publisher discontinued their version, the paragraph never came down.
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            It's sticky, don't think that counts as necro ;-)

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          wow sad news ... prices are too high!